BREAKING: Press Secretary Announces When the President Will Concede

President Donald Trump has made a point to not concede the election, despite the news media calling it in favor of his opponent, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, in the aftermath of historically close vote tallies across the nation. The president has taken a page from former President George W. Bush’s book in his persistence […]

GOP Wins Key Statehouses, Crushing the Radical Left’s Attempt to Transform America Into A Communist Country

Whether or not Geriatric Joe Biden won the White House, down-ballot races across the country show good news for Republicans. In the run-up to the 2020 election, the Fake News Media blared gloom and doom. They predicted a historic wipeout of the Republican Party and a bell-ringing nationwide rejection of President Trump and everyone in […]

Leave it to the Military Kids: A New Way to Talk to Dad During Deployment

Deployment is hard. Kids miss the parent who is deployed and there’s not a lot of resources to communicate. Especially when the parent deploys to Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East, coordinating Skype or Facetime calls are nearly impossible. Combine that with spotty internet connectivity on the military bases and it becomes […]

Star Wars Fans Outraged at Baby Yoda Eating Eggs but Say Nothing About Abortion

Oh, how low our society has sunken to depravity. If you are anything like me, some days the absurdity of American culture and what we seem to care about simply astounds me – and not in a good way. Take, for example, the recent outrage expressed on social media over the latest episode or “chapter” […]

Election Fraud? Thousands More Uncounted Trump Votes Turn up in Georgia Recount Yet Again (Video)

As some readers may already be aware, the statewide recount in Fayette County has led to some rather interesting findings. Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has started to dwindle as more and more. Votes are being discovered that were supposed to have been added to the president’s ledger. A memory card that contained nearly […]

Chinese Troops Boil the Blood of Indian Soldiers With New Microwave Weapon

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves that create an up and down pattern of magnetism and electricity which propel through the air inside of the oven at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second if you prefer. Sound dangerous? When used properly for their intended purpose they’re perfectly safe. The strong metal casing prevents the […]

Ditching the Electoral College is Still a Hot Topic

The media loves to talk about the “what if” of getting rid of the Electoral College. After all, if they had been able to rely on the popular vote alone in 2016, we would have had Hillary Clinton as our president instead of Donald Trump. Now that it appears that Joe Biden won not only […]

NYC Residents Are Fleeing the City in Droves Amid Violence, Crime and Crazy Tax Policies

New York City was already experiencing a mass exodus before the pandemic had even had a chance to take place. Larger cities are losing a sizable percentage of their populations and have been for some time now. New York City’s exodus has not only continued, it has only gotten worse. According to recent reports about […]

Libs Show Deep Regret Over Social Media Suppression Begs Conservatives Not to Leave Major Platforms Calling It ‘Threat to Democracy’

In what could be the biggest exodus of social media giants since their inception, Americans, especially conservatives, have decided to do what customers do best, and take their business elsewhere, thanks to big tech censorship. What could have previously been ignored as potentially coincidence, or an honest difference of opinion on the part of the […]

Biden Has a Plan to End the Pandemic While Big Gov’t Takes Over…You Should Probably Read This

The election is far from being over. Votes are being still being counted and re-counted. Investigations into alleged voter fraud are ongoing in many key states with new allegations being launched daily. In the meanwhile. We wait. But not Joe Biden. No sir. He’s wiping the sleep from his eyes and not waiting on an […]

Is This America? Video Recording of Federal Agents Intimidating USPS Whistleblower to Change Election Fraud Claim

USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins is said to have recanted his fraud allegations recently. This was a major victory for the liberals. You probably saw them celebrating on social media when the news came down. However, this is not the whole story….far from it. As it turns out, the Hopkins confession may have come under a […]

Moderate Democrats Now in Panic After AOC’s Post Election Posturing

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? AOC has already taken to the press to start complaining about the results of the 2020 elections. She and the Squad are in some serious denial, though. Their far-left policies scared off a number of voters and led to a very saddening outcome for the Democrats in the […]

Fox Jumps Into Bed With CNN and Betrays Every Conservative

Conservatives are under attack, and there is no doubt that betrayal was a part of it all. Fox News has been a favorite of conservatives as a source of news and reports. That is until they jumped into bed with the liberals on election night. Fox News started out well reporting the election as it […]

Montana Passes 2nd Amendment Referendum Despite Being Outspent

If you’re anything like me, seeing the not so official presidential winner tout about his success and all the changes he’s going to be making has got you a little down, to say the least. However, along with the fact that the election process is not entirely done and over with, there are other good […]

Mainstream Media Report Surprising Group Slid Toward Trump Despite Media’s Best Efforts to Shame Them Left

It likely comes as no surprise to anyone that the Democrat party thinks themselves the kings and queens of the Black vote in America. However, President Donald Trump seems to have done something that the ever lauded “first black president,” former President Barack Obama, couldn’t do, and that is to continue to attract more Black […]

Democrats Found Guilty of Illegal Voting Practices in Philadelphia

It is not a surprise that election night ended the way it did with the Democrats pulling magic votes out of Frosty the Snowman’s hat. Throughout the day, reports were coming in that nasty liberals were interfering with the election process. Their attempts to keep Republicans from voting is just their latest attempt to cheat […]

Defund the Police: Radical Left Riots Explode in Philadelphia

The Democrats’ #DefundthePolice agenda has come to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – and the transformation is fast and furious. Thanks to ANTIFA and radical Black Lives Matter anarchists, the City of Brotherly Love has descended into the City of Hate and Mob Violence. Mob violence has rocked Philadelphia since last week when a vagrant with a knife […]

Want to Know Who’s Paying These Left-Wing Radical Protesters?…We Found Out…His Name Is…

Paid protesters. We know it happens. Buses full of sign carriers with crisp $50 bills in their pockets are told how to act. They’re instructed on what level of violence they need to insight. Once their performance has ended they go home and await their next call to action. The unanswered question of just who […]

Disgraceful! Associated Press Blames France Beheading Victims for Their Own Murder

Just last week, a horrific tragedy took place in the nation of France. Worshippers at the Basilica of Notre-Dame de L’Assomption in Nice, France were attacked by a maniac who was wielding a knife. The Tunisian immigrant responsible for the attack claimed multiple lives. The attacker was also yelling “Allahu Akbar!” at the time. Of […]

Stories of Biden and Money Laundering Aren’t Anything New

Joe Biden isn’t the sweet and innocent old man that he wants America to believe that he is. After all, he’s the father of a drug addict who’s been making shady deals all over the globe. And he’s been sharing in the honey pot every step of the way. Oh, but that’s just the GOP […]

Hackers Steal $2.3 Million from Trump Campaign in Wisconsin

Well, I doubt this was one surprise President Trump was looking for… It has just been announced that $2.3 million has been stolen from GOP funds in the state of Wisconsin. According to the Star Tribune and the Associated Press, the theft was noticed last week when unusual and rathe suspicious activity was detected on […]

Biden Wants to Put Hillary in the Supreme Court?

As you well know, the recent confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court has triggered a massive anxiety attack for the political left. They are freaking out about her ability to overturn everything they have worked too hard to ruin America with, such as Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act or […]

Democrats to Blame For Violence Erupting Over Forced Mask Mandates

The pandemic has caused a lot of trouble and hardship for many people around the world and within the United States. Health concerns and mandates continue to be a problem in many areas of the country. The worst areas are those that are controlled by fear pushing Democrats. These are the places where masks are […]

MSM Already Pounding Justice Barrett’s Reputation Under Guise of Real Reporting

The same Supreme Court appointment that caused joy for conservatives has brought a deluge of not just hurt feelings, but confusion on the part of many in the mainstream media. While it’s no secret that most cable news networks and big-name reporters firmly support Joe Biden and the Democratic National convention, the immediate weaponization of […]

Diva! After Chastising Everyone Mispronouncing Her Name Kamala Does It Herself

Joe Biden did well by choosing a younger counterpart for a running mate. Kamala Harris knows deep down that this is the closest she is ever getting to the United States presidency. By allowing Biden to rest up in the basement while she handles the campaigning, she is doing everything in her power to make […]

Biden Resorts to Name Calling as Trump Supporters Show Up at Rally

Joe Biden is a self-proclaimed royal who cannot tolerate any opposition that would ruin his day of fun. His reaction to a group of Trump supporters crashing his last campaign party was just enough to send the grump old man over the edge. His violent side came out as he started calling them names and […]

Meadows Pushes Back About Biden’s Claim That Lockdowns Solve the Pandemic Conundrum

This quote was offered up over the weekend and has already begun to make the rounds. In fact, we are surprised that the Democrats haven’t already made a campaign ad about the matter. The most prominent Democrats have already taken major pains to highlight what was said here. They may not like it but Meadows […]

AOC and Omar Agree That America Deserved Terrorist Attacks

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are in complete agreement with what Hasan Piker, a gamer, stated about 9/11. The two socialist House members are not American by spirit. Their reluctance to be an American is seen in their support of Piker and working with him to push their gamers to vote as a Democrat in […]

Democratic Candidate Cori Bush Calls to Defund the Pentagon and Surrender the Country

Justice Democrat and Black Lives Matter organizer Cori Bush has decided to take her communism to a whole new level with this latest speech. During August’s Democrat primary in Missouri District 1 representing St. Louis City, she was able to defeat Representative Lacy Clay. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because she was […]

Dem Senator Coons Confirms Dems Will Rush to Court Packing if Biden Wins

Democratic Senator and Biden surrogate Chris Coons is doing everything that he can to pitch his preferred candidate to the world. He paid a visit to the State of the Union this past weekend to speak with Jake Tapper. Tapper asked the question that is weighing on everyone’s minds at the moment. He wanted to […]

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