Pregnant Single Mom Now Faces 30 Years In Prison After Being Raided By FBI And Being Detained For A Week For Going Through Open Door At US Capitol

(Liberty Bell) – A young single mother, Felicia Konold of Arizona, was on a road trip to celebrate the joys of being alive after being left with a broken back and half her face ripped off during a very bad accident in 2020. But according to Gateway Pundit, the good times were about to turn […]

Project Veritas Releases New Video Of CNN Director Confessing The Network Uses COVID To Fearmonger For Ratings

(Liberty Bell) – A brand new video from Project Veritas, part two of a series, shows a director for CNN, Charlie Chester, admitting that the network uses COVID as a means of fearmongering to help drive up ratings. According to Gateway Pundit, Chester, a technical director, explains how CNN uses “manipulation” to help shape the […]

CNN Crew Attacked By “Mostly Peaceful” Antifa/BLM Thugs In Minnesota, Forced To Flee

(Liberty Bell) – More violence and chaos went down Wednesday night in Minnesota as Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs and radicals gathered in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The violence has been in response to the recent police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright who resisted arrest and was reportedly accidentally shot by a female veteran officer […]

Attorney For Ashli Babbitt Family Promises To Continue Legal Battle After Biden’s DOJ Says Officer Won’t Be Charged

(Liberty Bell) – The team of attorneys representing the family of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was killed by Capitol Hill police during the siege that took place at the Capitol building, have promised that they will continue the legal battle for justice after the Department of Justice, under President Joe Biden refused […]

Mother Of Four Who Kept Capitol Protesters From Breaking Windows Now Faces 55 Years In Prison

(Liberty Bell) – A single mother of four daughters, Victoria White, is a true patriot at heart, having volunteered with the Trump Victory campaign, helped to organize the Back the Blue and 9/11 memorial events, is now being considered an insurrectionist by the liberal mainstream media. According to Gateway Pundit, White went to Washington, D.C. […]

DOJ Letting Portland Rioters Off Easy Highlights Double Standards In Political Persecution Of Capitol Protesters

(Liberty Bell) – We all know that Biden’s federal government is blatantly prosecuting those involved with the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 for political reasons. It’s never been more obvious. The Department of Justice has decided to go easy on rioters arrested in connection with Portland riots at a federal courthouse, giving them a slap […]

Globalist Bill Gates Helped Big Pharma Companies Maintain Their Monopoly On Vaccines During COVID

(Liberty Bell) – When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the US, several “leaders” emerged, none of which were elected by the people. Billionaire Bill Gates has become one of those “leaders.” After spending years warning the world about the implications of a possible global pandemic, Bill Gates seemed enthusiastic to finally be seeing his predictions come […]

Senator Rand Paul Contends 2020 Election Fraud Never Fully Reviewed By Courts As He Continues To Fight For Election Transparency And Truth

(Liberty Bell) – While Democrats have been eager to move Americans past the stolen 2020 election, there are some lawmakers with enough integrity and grit to keep fighting for transparency and the truth. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is one and not only is he not backing down, he’s doubling down on his efforts to expose […]

Disturbing Footage: Busload Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In Texas Under Cover Of Darkness

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden’s border crisis is going to be negatively affecting Americans for years and decades to come. Once all of the millions of illegal aliens who have come to the US since Biden fraudulently took office get enrolled in our welfare systems, taxes are going to go through the roof. That’s exactly […]

Hidden Video: CNN Director Admits Network Engaged In ‘Propaganda’ To Remove Trump From Presidency (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – We are all aware of the fact that CNN is the king of the fake news world, thanks in large part to the false narratives (otherwise known as propaganda) they spew out on a daily basis that seeks to push the progressive agenda and fails to present arguments on the other side […]

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