Texas Reigns Victorious In Lawsuit Against Biden Administration Over Illegal Deportation Freeze — This Is Fantastic News!!

(Liberty Bell) – Just last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the brand new Biden administration over it’s illegal deportation freeze. This is no surprise considering how much the Democratic Party just loves the idea of open borders and allowing illegals to flood into the country. Allowing such individuals to vote […]

California Democrat Doesn’t Know The Pledge Of Allegiance — This Guy Is An Embarrassment

(Liberty Bell) – When it comes to making a fool out of oneself, Democratic Party politicians have found numerous ways to excel. A great example of this long standing tradition comes to us from the city of Los Angeles, where City Councilor and former California Senate President Kevin de Leon completely screwed up the Pledge […]

Judge Drops Hammer On State For Plan That Allowed Ballots Without Postmark — They Were Illegal!

(Liberty Bell) – The Virginia Board of Elections rule that allowed officials to go ahead and count ballots that arrived without having a postmark up to a total of three days after the election took place was an illegal move according to the ruling of a state judge. As we all know, there is still, […]

Top Advisor For Former President Donald Trump Says His Next Move Is Pretty Obvious — Here’s What He Had To Say

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since last week, when Joe Biden was inaugurated as the next president of the United States, folks have been wondering what former President Donald Trump’s next steps are going to be once the dust settles on his administration and he’s had some time to transition back to normal life. Well, a […]

Do Conservatives Really Have To Wait For 2024 To Stop The Election Madness? New Op-Ed Says ‘No Way!’

(Liberty Bell) – The fact that we have President Joe Biden is enough to send just about every conservative across this beautiful nation of ours into fits of cussing and cursing. And rightfully so. We not only lost the White House, but all of Congress too. This is not a pleasant position to be in, […]

Democrats Already Looking For Other Ways To Prevent Trump From Being Re-Elected If Impeachment Fails

(Liberty Bell) – It’s the impeachment attempt so pathetic, so baseless, so clearly politically motivated and driven by sheer hatred, spite, and fear that they’ve already got a backup plan before they’ve even launched the trial. I think the full weight of what the Democrats look like now that they’ve gotten Trump out of the […]

Bishops Call Out “Devout Catholics” Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi Over Their Stance On Abortion

(Liberty Bell) – When a conservative person of faith is in the White House, the mainstream media assaults that individual repeatedly, over and over again, as some sort of psychopath who wants to bring Christian jihad and Sharia law down on the rest of the country. They are painted up as tyrants who are not […]

Bill Maher Tells Leftists They’d Better “Look In The Mirror” Now That Trump Has Left Office

(Liberty Bell) – While HBO host Bill Maher is a far-leftist who advocates openly for socialism, he is one of the rare figures on the left who is also willing to be blunt about the shortcomings of his peers and has delivered more than a few stern warnings to watch the hypocrisy and be careful […]

“Insulting And Disappointing” Looks Like Several Unions Are Feeling Voter Remorse After Biden’s First Day

(Liberty Bell) – During the 2020 presidential campaign, unions, for the most part, went all in for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Now they’re feeling firsthand just how much Biden and Harris care about the blue-collared, union working men and women in the US and even Canada. Barack Obama was certainly right when he famously […]

Bipartisan Anger Erupts As National Guard Troops Banished To Cold Parking Garage After Inauguration

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden needed 25,000 National Guard troops to stand guard as he was fraudulently sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. The military presence all but solidified the allegations that the election was stolen in the minds of millions of Americans. A duly elected president doesn’t need 25,000 troops […]

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