Bloomberg Pouring In $100 Million To Help Biden Win This Key Electoral State

(Liberty Bell) – One of the most decisive points of President Donald Trump’s electoral path to victory in 2016 was the moment that he won the state of Florida against then-rival Hillary Clinton.

It was all downhill for Hillary after that point. She must have known, at that moment, that she was done for and would, sooner or later, have to concede.

The Democrats know what is at stake in Florida this year, and one of their top bankrollers (and short-lived presidential candidate) is doing what he can to influence the state in Biden’s favor.

Newsmax reports:

Michael Bloomberg, who spent $1 billion of his own money on a failed 2020 presidential bid, will inject at least $100 million to help Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign against President Donald Trump in Florida.

The billionaire’s decision comes at a critical moment in the final 51 days of the race, with polls showing a close race in the battleground state and no financial advantage for the sitting president.

Trump’s initial financial supremacy over former Vice President Biden has evaporated after the Republican’s campaign spent freely and Democratic fundraising surged once the party’s divisive primary ended.

“Mike Bloomberg is committed to helping defeat Trump, and that is going to happen in the battleground states,” said Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey, who added that the spending “will mean Democrats and the Biden campaign can invest even more heavily in other key states like Pennsylvania, which will be critical to a Biden victory.”

Before Bloomberg dumped his cash into the party’s efforts, both the Trump had Biden team were gearing up for expensive fights in the crucial state.

Vote-by-mail begins in the state on September 24, and Biden will visit in person for the first time since becoming the party’s presumptive nominee on Tuesday.

Trump, meanwhile, is well-loved in Florida, where he owns the famous Mar-a-Lago resort and has moved his residence there permanently since becoming President.

According to to recent polls, Biden has a slim advantage in the state. He is popular with older voters but is not as popular with a demographic the Democrats can usually take for granted: Latinos.

Trump’s latino base in Florida, where many Cuban exiles live, is strong, loud, and vibrant, and he’s had several energetic rallies featuring Venezuelan ex-pats touting his firm opposition to the illegal Maduro regime and its Marxist destruction of South America’s most resource-rich nation.

People over 65 years old make up one in five of the state’s voters, while Latinos make up one in four.

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