IT’S SPREADING: “F*ck Joe Biden” Chants Break Out Across America (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no surprise given the debacle that unfolded in Afghanistan over the past several weeks that Joe Biden would begin to get some very heavy pushback. There have been numerous polls done that demonstrate this trend with Biden’s approval rating hitting the lowest it’s been since the beginning of his term. And […]

WARNING: Teenage Boys 6X More Likely To Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccines Than Covid

(Liberty Bell) – The Biden regime has declared sweeping vaccine mandates that will affect 100 million Americans including many teenagers. While the vaccines have yet to be proven effective or safe, Biden is demanding Americans either get injected or face unemployment. This could mean major trouble for teenage boys who seem to hold a significant […]

Breaking: Vaccine-Related Deaths Go THROUGH THE ROOF

(Liberty Bell) – By now, the vast majority of Americans who want the experimental COVID-19 vaccines have gotten them and those who don’t want them are the ones who remain unvaccinated. In light of Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates issued last week, it’s now more important than ever not to comply or give in to […]

Final Arizona Election Audit Results To Be Released Sept. 24

(Liberty Bell) – It seems like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the final report to come out concerning the Arizona forensic audit on the results of the 2020 presidential election, but it appears we’re finally going to get some answers later this month. According to WND, the report with the final results from Maricopa […]

Surprise! Guess Who Is Exempt From Biden’s COVID-19 Federal Vaccine Mandate

(Liberty Bell) – The ruling class of elites is emerging faster and faster every day. Soon the US Capitol will be solely inhabited by elitist rulers who dictate to all the rest of the country how we must live and what we are permitted to do while living by their own set of rules and […]

WATCH: Biden Booed At 9/11 Memorial… Thousands Chant “We Want Trump”

(Liberty Bell) – The corrupt lying media wants us all to believe that Joe Biden won 81 million votes during the 2020 presidential election. The only problem is that narrative is so far from reality it’s almost comical. We’d be laughing if the Biden regime wasn’t doing everything in their power to destroy America. Not […]

BREAKING: Results From Canvassing In AZ Have Been Released — ELECTION STEAL CONFIRMED

(Liberty Bell) – We’ve all been waiting to hear the news that there has been proof the 2020 presidential election was stolen by the Democratic Party back in November, and it looks like that moment is finally upon us. It took almost a year to get to this point, but the vindication of knowing we […]

BREAKING: Fox Host Abruptly Exits NYC Restaurant After Being Asked To Show Proof Of Vaccination

(Liberty Bell) – Segregation is happening in America once again but this time it has nothing to do with skin color but rather vaccination status. New York City has become the most tyrannical, un-American city in the country. After radical leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio decreed that the unvaccinated shall not be permitted to patronize […]

SHOCK POLL: HALF Of Americans Agree Jan 6 Suspects Are ‘Political Prisoners’

(Liberty Bell) – Political figures and pundits on the right have abandoned those caught up in the events of January 6. Despite the fact that the vast majority of those present at the Capitol during the alleged “attempted insurrection” did not have violent intentions, the left has painted them all to be dangerous extremists looking […]

COVID Whistleblower: HOSPITALS Are Lying To The Public

(Liberty Bell) – A new report coming from Gateway Pundit has revealed that yet another COVID whistleblower has come forward to make allegations that the statistics concerning ICU’s being overrun are being wildly inflated, over-reported, and in quite a few cases, just totally lied about by political officials. None of this will be shocking to […]

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