Arizona Democrats Are Now Attacking Auditors Picked By The State’s Senate To Audit Election Results In Maricopa County

(Liberty Bell) – It seems that the only tactic that Democrats can deploy in their battle against election integrity is to attach those who are trying to ensure that the 2020 presidential election was fair and free, without interference, and that every American voice who cast a ballot was heard. According to a new report […]

Attorneys Ordered To Destroy Seth Rich Evidence By April 28 And Durham’s Office Refuses To Intervene To Preserve It

(Liberty Bell) – In 2016, young Democrat employee Seth Rich was murdered in broad daylight in Washington DC. The incident has been sold as a robbery gone wrong but the reality is Seth Rich had a target on his back and those within the DNC had plenty of motive for wanting him dead. Is it […]

Breaking: Iconic Rapper DMX Received Covid Shot Just Before Suffering Fatal Heart Attack

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, iconic rapper and cultural icon DMX, aka Earl Simmons, died after spending nearly a week in the ICU on life support in critical condition. While his early and untimely death is most certainly tragic, new reports suggest his death may have been preventable. Just prior to suffering a massive heart […]

Corrupt Hillary Clinton “Linked” To Dubai Nude Public Photo Shoot Scandal Organizer

(Liberty Bell) – Hillary Clinton just keeps popping up in the headlines despite being one of the most unlikable and corrupt women in American history. She is truly one of the most scandalous people of modern times and this latest report is not only bothersome but also reveals just how deep the connections between the […]

Biden Nominee To Head ATF Has Alarming Resume Involving Waco Massacre, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge And Fast & Furious

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday Joe Biden announced several new executive actions that would limit the American’s access to and ability to own firearms. During his press conference he also announced that he was nominating a radical gun control advocate with a controversial past to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). It […]

The UK’s Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After Supposed “Tell-All” Book Fails To Tell All

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden should have been a big reason for Joe Biden to lose the 2020 election. Of course, we all know he did, in fact, lose the election. Hunter serves as just another reminder of this. This guy is an absolute train wreck and shockingly the mainstream media is […]

Biden’s Latest Executive Order Unveils “Commission” On Expansion Of Supreme Court

(Liberty Bell) – One reason we know that Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the 2020 election is because the majority of Americans do not support the idea of packing the Supreme Court to make it more politically active. Joe Biden was repeatedly vague on this issue during the campaign days and would not give […]

Privileged Life: Marxist Founder Of Black Lives Matter Buys Secluded $1.4 Million Dollar Home Near Malibu

(Liberty Bell) – Black Lives Matter has been in hot water with many of their local chapters from around the country. The complaint is always the same. The national Marxist organization has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the last several years and they don’t seem to want to share. […]

Radical Left YouTube Purges DeSantis Video With Health Experts On COVID-19 For Violating Policy On “Medical Misinformation”

(Liberty Bell) – The left claims to be the “party of science” but all too often they completely disregard science to promote their crooked, radical agenda. While pretending to care about what the “experts” say, it’s become painfully obvious that leftists only care what “some” experts say and those experts must support their already established […]

Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details Horrific J&J Covid Vaccine “Side Effects” From Hospital Bed

(Liberty Bell) – The COVID vaccines have been heralded as the answer to the supposed pandemic despite over 98% of people surviving the virus. The only problem, besides the fact that the virus isn’t particularly dangerous, is the fact that the vaccines have not been tested sufficiently enough to claim they are “safe” or “effective.” […]

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