CNN Silent After Running Nurse’s Alleged Story Of Dying COVID Patients’ Denials

(Liberty Bell) – CNN ran with the wild tale of a nurse from South Dakota who has said that patients at the hospital she works at are largely in denial that they actually have COVID-19 even as they die from it. The entire story started on Twitter where nurse Jodi Doering from Woonsocket, South Dakota […]

Here’s The Proof About Lockdowns That Won’t Surprise You — But It Will Infuriate You

(Liberty Bell) – We all knew that a resurgence of the coronavirus come fall was inevitable. Power-hungry state overlords have wasted no time ramping up COVID restrictions and issuing a new round of lockdowns all over the country. While we are supposed to believe that lockdowns “save lives” and that we all must “sacrifice” for […]

Trump Gives GSA Go Ahead To Start Transition Protocol — But He’s Not Quitting The Fight

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump gave General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy the go-ahead to start transition protocols, which she did when she contacted Joe Biden Monday evening, informing him that the resources for the formal transition process are now going to be made available to him. The decision allows Biden access to $7.3 […]

Biden’s Pick For NSA Has Some Shady Ties To Hillary Emails And The Russia Hoax; Here’s What We Know

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the election not being officially certified yet, and tons of litigation still outstanding and recounts to be done, Joe Biden is going forward with putting together his administration. And boy are some of his picks super shady people. Then again, is that really all that surprising. Biden himself has quite a […]

Report: The Man Biden May Pick As Secretary Of State Is Top Trump-Russia Hoaxer

(Liberty Bell) – Former Vice President Joe Biden may actually be the informal “president-elect” of a contested election that is still being legally challenged, but don’t tell him that. He’s already putting together his dream cabinet and yes, it’s definitely going to make you understand how important it is that MAGA nation fights the outcome […]

New Jersey Police Chief Hits Back Against Governor’s “Draconian” Restrictions On Holiday Gatherings

(Liberty Bell) – Police Chief Andrew Kudrick Jr. of Howell Township, New Jersey has decided to take a stand against the far-reaching mandates imposed on his state’s citizenry by Democrat Governor Phil Murphy. He is simply not going to enforce them. Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, several of our nation’s most lockdown-eager Democrat Governors slammed […]

Huge: Judicial Shift Places Election Issue Right In The Lap Of Conservative Justices — Can We Expect Victory Soon?

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, justices on the U.S. Supreme Court who are understood to have conservative or originalist leanings were assigned to federal districts that include several key battleground states in the ongoing contested presidential election. These new assignments were made by Chief Justice John Roberts and are a normal function of the court, […]

Hungary’s Prime Minister Drops Bomb On Native George Soros, Progressive Billionaire

(Liberty Bell) – George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire with a wide array of connections to sundry progressive political efforts, is seen as above reproach by the mainstream media and Democratic establishment. Any criticism of Soros’ agenda and funding is dismissed as “antisemitic,” even by the “right-wing” Fox News (they’ve certainly showed their colors over the […]

Pay-Per-Vote In Nevada? Check Out The Troubling Scheme One Reporter Uncovered

(Liberty Bell) – Nevada has been revealed to be a cesspool of voter fraud and corruption. There have been a myriad of scandals to come out of the state since Election Day and they just keep coming. We’ve all heard about the massive spike in absentee ballots sent in this year as opposed to 2016 […]

Sarah Palin Utterly Destroys Obama In Response To Insults He Threw Down In His New Book

(Liberty Bell) – If there is one person who should not be throwing insults around at anybody for bringing “dark spirits” to a political party, it would be Barack Obama. It is because of Obama that Washington DC has been completely swallowed up by the Deep State. The corruption of the Establishment has infected every […]

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