Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac Became The Only NBA Player To Stand For Anthem, And He Just Got Really Popular. Check This Out…

(Liberty Bell) – Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic became the first NBA player to actually stand for the National Anthem or wear a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt over the weekend before a game against the Brooklyn Nets at Disney’s Wide World of Sports’ HP Field House in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on Friday, July […]

Teachers Unions Make Radical Demands For Schools…You Won’t Believe What They’re Calling For

(Liberty Bell) – Have you ever wondered why America’s public school seem so uniformly far-leftist? Why a generation of young people has been raised up with communist sympathies, gender confusion, and a belief that you can oppose fascism with more fascism (or a complete lack of understanding as to what “fascism” even is?) Well, there’s […]

Watch: Herschel Walker Slams Pro Sports Leagues For Promoting This Radical Message

(Liberty Bell) – Heisman Trophy winner and football legend Hershel Walker took to Twitter with a powerful message over the weekend after witnessing what is going on in Portland, Oregon, where radical activists have been running wild in the streets. In fact, he felt so strongly about sharing this message that he stopped his workout […]

Wall Street Journal Calls Portland Insurgency “Mostly Peaceful.” Meanwhile, Here’s What’s Really Going On.

(Liberty Bell) – Over the weekend, violence continued to rage on the streets of Portland, Oregon after federal law enforcement allowed state and local police to take over response efforts to what can quite reasonably be described as an armed insurgency. However, if you ask the Wall Street Journal, an outlet many consider to be […]

Sen. Johnson Destroys This Insane Claim That Valerie Jarret Made About Obama Election Meddling

(Liberty Bell) – The members of the Obama Deep State who tried to rig the 2016 election and then conduct an attempted coup against the man that simply wasn’t supposed to win against Hillary Clinton know that their time is running short. The Durham investigation is closing in on the true depths of corruption that […]

Alert: Here’s Who Pompeo Says Is “Feeding Data Directly To The Chinese Communist Party”

(Liberty Bell) – For some reason, despite the fact that it is plain as day that the Communist Chinese Party is ruthless in their efforts to overtake the United States as a world superpower, the one-party state enjoys quite a bit of support from the American Democrats and mainstream media. Think about that for a […]

China Expert Has Chilling Warning For Which Candidate They Prefer In 2020

(Liberty Bell) – Who do you think our enemies want to win the 2020 election? Is it the man with the America First agenda, who has fearlessly called out those who have taken advantage of our country? Or is it the man who has made himself personally wealthy by colluding with our enemies and always […]

Matt Dumba Becomes First NHL Player To Kneel For The U.S. Anthem…But Here’s The Real Kicker

(Liberty Bell) – While many professional athletes have been kneeling for the National Anthem as a bold statement in support of the radical Black Lives Matter movement, the National Hockey League, for the most part, has not seen such a defiant, anti-American “protest.” That is, until now. Matt Dumba of the Minnesota Wild became the […]

Biden Running Mate Announcement Pushed Back…Again. But Here’s Who Is Probably Out Of The Running

(Liberty Bell) – Yet again, the announcement of who, exactly will be adding their name to the Joe Biden ticket for the 2020 election has been delayed. Now, it will supposedly be made in the second week of August, the Houston Chronicle reports. The Daily Wire notes that this likely pushes California Democrat Rep. Karen […]

Chilling: What Voters Expect From Violent “Progressives” If Trump Wins Election

(Liberty Bell) – For President Donald Trump to win the 2020 election would be the best possible outcome for this crucial moment in American history. This is clear. On the one hand, you have a man who abandoned his luxurious, wealthy private life to become a public servant and withstand a constant stream of criticism […]

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