“Our Beloved Rush Has Returned His Talent To God,” Limbaugh’s Producer Gives Heartbreaking Tribute To His Friend

(Liberty Bell) – On Wednesday, legendary conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh passed away after a year-long battle with stage 4 lung cancer at the age of 70.

Conservatives have spent the last few days remembering Limbaugh’s life and honoring his legacy. He will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic patriots America has ever seen and one of the founders of talk radio as we know it today.

He was beloved by millions and wasn’t just a voice for conservatism, he was the voice of American conservatism for the last several decades.

He was always there to be a piercing light in the darkness of the confusion and wickedness created by the left. He left listeners feeling reassured, confident and courageous with his honest, entertaining and spot-on commentaries and points of view.

He will be sorely missed especially in a time when we need bold, courageous conservative voices more than ever. Fortunately, he gave way to an entire generation of conservative personalities and his legacy will live on in good hands.

Bo Snerdly (James Golden) who served as Limbaugh’s longtime producer, call screener and engineer since 1992, made an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity to remember Rush on Thursday night.

Snerdley got emotional and choked up while giving tribute to his old boss, “Our beloved Rush has returned his talent to God… Rush Limbaugh was one of the finest human beings you’d ever want to meet… It burns me to my soul when people sully his reputation with falsehoods.”

Sadly, leftists have gone completely off the deep end with false accusations and just downright nasty, vile sentiments since Limbaugh’s passing.

Unhinged leftists have ranted and raved since Wednesday, alleging that Limbaugh was a “Nazi” and that he “enjoyed” human suffering. They have said all manner of wicked things about this great man.

Let’s not forget how utterly indignant the left was after Ruth Bader Ginsberg died whenever they sensed someone was anything but devastated and consumed with sorrow over the abortion zealot’s passing.

Tolerant, loving liberal after liberal voiced their disdain and hatred for Limbaugh on social media and insisted they wished he had died “sooner” and that “no one cared” and that they’re “glad” he’s gone.

Their words shouldn’t surprise us, however, given that they’re the party of infanticide, yet you can’t help but be rattled a bit to see such cold, callous words being spoken about another human being.

It also really exposes just how fake liberals are when they claim to be “loving” and “tolerant.” Their hatred of Limbaugh perfectly illustrates what they really mean when they claim to be “loving.”

The left hates Limbaugh because he spoke the truth and if there’s one thing they hate more than anything, it’s truth.

His legacy will be honored by the millions of conservatives who tuned in and heard what he had to say and let it change and impact their lives for the better.

If America is ultimately saved from Biden and the radical left, it will be because of freedom-loving patriots who have been inspired by Rush Limbaugh to take a stand for what’s right and good.

Rush proved that America is worth fighting for.

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