One State Is Now Conducting A Secret Ballot Review Of The 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – A report that was posted by WND is saying that after several poll monitors from Fulton County, Georgia testified last year that there were boxes of mail-in ballots for Joe Biden that appeared as though they’d been run through a photocopy machine, state investigators quietly broke the seal on one of the […]

Conservative Powerhouse Dinesh D’Souza Says The FBI Is A ‘Grave Threat To Our National Security’

(Liberty Bell) – Conservative powerhouse filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is issuing a warning stating that the FBI has “become a grave threat to our national security.” Which is no doubt the absolute truth considering how often they have tried to do horrible things to our former president and anyone who dares to support him. According to […]

‘Come On, People!’: Watch 9-Year-Old Girl Torch School Board Over BLM

(Liberty Bell) – A 9-year-old elementary school student in the state of Minnesota put her local school board on blast for their hypocrisy after the school she attends allowed BLM posters to be put up while prohibiting students from practicing “politics in school.” According to Infowars, the girl claimed during the meeting that she attended […]

VP Harris Tells Activists To Go Knock On Doors And Harass Folks Who Haven’t Taken COVID Vaccine In Desperate Move To Make July 4th Goal

(Liberty Bell) – Vice President Kamala Harris recently told a bunch of left-wing activists to go knock on doors and put pressure on folks to get vaccinated as President Joe Biden’s July 4th vaccine goal looks like it is going to fall well short. According to a report from Gateway Pundit, the Biden administration had […]

LEAKED: Teachers Instructed To Classify ‘Make America Great Again’ As Racist

(Liberty Bell) – Teachers at a school in an Iowa district have been told they need to classify former President Donald Trump’s theme of “Make America Great Again” as a form of racism and white supremacy, according to slides that are part of a presentation being leaked out to the media. According to a report […]

Michigan Rep. Steve Carra Is Now Calling For Forensic Audit Of Election Results, Which Includes, ‘Making Sure Machines Were Not Connected To The Internet’

(Liberty Bell) – Just days after the election that took place last November, hundreds of members of the Republican Party and Independent poll challengers filed affidavits attesting to voter fraud or voter irregularities that they happened to witness while they were working at polling places, inside city offices, as Dominion contract employees, and at the […]

BREAKING: Stacey Abrams Profited, Helped Finance And Control Staffing In Fulton County, GA’s 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – Brand new evidence has been unearthed in a court case in the state of Georgia which illustrates that failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was overseeing the staffing for the 2020 presidential election in the state. According to Gateway Pundit, CD Media published a report on a court case that reveals who was […]

MUST-SEE VIDEO => Gen. Michael Flynn: AZ Senators Need to Stay in Session Until The Audit Is Released – No Break Until the Job is Done

(Liberty Bell) – The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the Arizona Legislature is just about to adjourn for the year and return home until January 2022, which would mean leaving their posts before the completion of the audit in their state. What this means is that if the results find evidence of fraud, they won’t […]

Bombshell Report Reveals Multiple People Pushed Stacks Of Ballots Through Tabulators Multiple Times In Georgia, Which Is Illegal; Law Enforcement Did Nothing

(Liberty Bell) – The folks over at Gateway Pundit have published a report that reveals Ralph Jones pushing multiple ballots through voting tabulators in the state of Georgia. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is not the first time this particular activity has been reported on by the outlet. Back in the early part of December, […]

Arizona Senate Set To Adjourn Before Audit Results Released; Won’t Be Reconvened Until 2022

(Liberty Bell) – The Arizona Legislature is close to shutting down for the year and going home until January 2022, which means they will be leaving their posts before the audit being done in their state is completed and the report produced, thus meaning that legislation will not be able to be created. According to […]

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