Mark Meadows Reveals Trump Is ‘Pushing Very Hard’ For Vaccine By The End Of The Year

(Liberty Bell) – Liberals have been working very hard to keep fear mongering concerning the coronavirus pandemic, opposing every new and positive development that seems to be announced by doctors and scientists, hoping beyond hope to use this as a political weapon against President Trump. This might explain why the president is working so hard […]

President Trump Is Set To Take A Gander At Oracle-TikTok Deal Thursday; There’s One Thing He’s Really Not Happy About

(Liberty Bell) – President Trump has been on the proverbial warpath against China ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, cracking down on data collection by certain companies run out of the country such as TikTok. In fact, the president is due to take a look at a deal between China’s Bytedance and Oracle […]

BLM Co-Founder Teams Up With Pro-Communist China Group; Here’s The Reason Why

(Liberty Bell) – By now, anyone who is in the conservative movement has probably become will acquainted with the fact that the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement are proud Marxists who really have a deep favorable view of Communism. So it won’t come as a big surprise to find out that one of […]

‘The View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin Rips Into Joe Rogan And Says He’s Not Fit To Host A Debate; Here’s What She Said About Him

(Liberty Bell) – Sunny Hostin, a member of “The View,” recently decided to put famous — and some might say “infamous” — podcaster Joe Rogan on full blast, calling him “misogynistic, racist, homophobic” and stating that he would be a terrible choice to host serve as a moderator during a presidential debate. However, President Trump […]

GOP Senate Chairman Seeks Subpoena For This Notorious Suspected Spygate Player

(Liberty Bell) – On Wednesday, the Senate Homeland Security Committee will be holding a vote on subpoenas for 41 witnesses as part of the panel’s broad review of the Obama intelligence agency’s probe into the Trump campaign in 2015. Among the subpoenas sought by Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) is one for the notorious Stefan Halper […]

Tom Cotton Issues Serious Warning Shot To China, Calls On U.S. To Do This

(Liberty Bell) – Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has long been one of the few China hawks in Washington, D.C. who consistently calls out the communist regime for taking advantage of the U.S. The Democrats will have long forgotten this in their severe case of COVID-induced amnesia, but Cotton was one of the only people in […]

Former NSA Head Lawyer Hints At Scorching Testimony On Spygate

(Liberty Bell) – You certainly wouldn’t know it just from following the mainstream media, but the United States has been embroiled in the biggest political scandal our nation has ever seen for four years. If you’ve wondered why on earth the Democrats are so desperate to control the narrative and seemingly endorsing widespread civil unrest […]

Bloomberg Pouring In $100 Million To Help Biden Win This Key Electoral State

(Liberty Bell) – One of the most decisive points of President Donald Trump’s electoral path to victory in 2016 was the moment that he won the state of Florida against then-rival Hillary Clinton. It was all downhill for Hillary after that point. She must have known, at that moment, that she was done for and […]

Uh Oh. Look Who’s Been Accused Of Funding Election Fraud In Swing State Wisconsin

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday, the Wisconsin Voters Alliance (WVA) filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission over the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) for donating millions to five cities in the swing state including Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee and Racine, which are all Democratic strongholds. The CTCL is a group […]

You Won’t Believe The Signs Baylor University Put Out At 9/11 Memorial Display

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that liberals have overtaken higher education in America and they literally ruin everything. Our flag should instill a sense of pride and respect in all American citizens especially on the anniversary of one of the worst terror attacks on American soil. The memory of those killed on 9/11 should […]

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