Lopez the Assassin

There are just some things that some people should never say. The things that people say have consequences that are usually not good. This is something that George Lopez is finding out the hard way. The insidious comedian posted on social media that he would be willing to assassinate the president. He stated that Iran had placed an $80 million reward for the death of President Trump and that he would be willing to kill him for only half that amount. People that state these kinds of things usually find law enforcement on their doorsteps but for some reason, Lopez is still walking around free.

George Lopez found out the hard way that the vast majority of the nation loves this president. To even joke about such things is not going to produce the sick type of humor that he was aiming for. His comment on social media drew 800 replies in less than a day of being posted. The posting made its way to other platforms and has been widely criticized for its content. Some readers want to see Lopez investigate as to the seriousness of his claim. Many of the so-called “stars” have voiced their hatred of the Republican president in recent months. There is no reason to think that Lopez is joking at this point. President Trump has done so much for the country that even joking about assassinating him is not funny.

Other people that make such statements have found themselves in a huge amount of trouble. In one case Mark Rosenberg was said to have “’ made threatening comments about the President of the United States’ on his Facebook page, a court document says. A week later, the Lincolnton man did not respond kindly when two Secret Service agents came to his home to question him about his anti-Trump post.” He would defend himself by bellowing out “I have First Amendment rights. Get the f*** off my property.” He would later be charged with interfering with an investigation into his statements. He is required to appear before a judge to have the matter settled.

George Lopez should face the same fate. It does not matter if he is joking or not. To make a joke about taking the life another person cannot be tolerated. Lopez has also started a rumor that Iran was looking to put a ransom or a reward out for the death of President Trump. People that do not see this as a rumor will be incited to try to assassinate the president. Lopez should be held accountable for potentially putting the president in harm’s way. Even if the bounty proves to be true there is no reason to broadcast the desires of the enemy.

Iran hates America, and they want nothing more than to see their enemy defeated. But America is too powerful. Iran has made it clear that they will no longer abide by any restrictions found in the 2015 peace accord. They are upset that President Trump found them cheating their way through it and exposed them for the liars that they are. George Lopez is either a stupid man that cannot keep his mouth shut or he is a secret operative working for the Iranian government. Either way, he should have to talk with the secret service about his statement and actions of late.

The same thing happened in 2017 when Kathy Griffin posted a fake picture of the president being beheaded. She would later come to regret her post and would end up apologizing for such actions. Her fans blasted her for posting such stupid things. She would also be handed death threats of her own for such thoughts towards the president.

The people of the country love America. The liberal actors and famous people live in their little worlds where they believe everyone thinks the same way they do. But they are finding out the people love President Trump and support him 100 percent in everything that he is doing. The loony left needs to wake up and see that conservative America is alive and well and will no longer stand for the lefts devilish actions.

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