Marianne Williamson Lets All of Her Campaign Staff Go

Marianne Williamson, the new age guru who for some reason is running for president of the United States, has always been a favorite among conservatives. Libertarians like Kat Timpf, who once tweeted, “Marianne Williamson just the first candidate to allude to the military-industrial complex libertarians it’s okay for us to love her.”

Of course, as several of the people who replied to the tweet noted, Williamson is against the 2nd Amendment and is for reparations. Indeed, she is attractive to many people not because her agenda is not nuts – it is. But she expresses herself in a less threatening manner than Bernie or Elizabeth Warren ever could. Williamson is the sort of person one would go to yoga class with, but never imagine being in the Oval Office and calling up the leader of New Zealand and calling her “girlfriend” as she once promised that she would. 

Now, Hot Air reports the not surprising news that the Marianne Williamson for President Campaign is entering its end-stage.

“When Huey Lewis sang about the power of love, he probably didn’t have Marianne Williamson in mind. Tragically for all of America, that power might not have been enough to push your way through a crowded Democratic primary field. First, we lost Julian Castro, and now this. While there has been no official cancelation or even suspension of her campaign, Williamson sent her entire campaign staff to the unemployment line this week, in what can only be considered a signal that the end is near.”

Williamson has not qualified for any debates since the previous summer. The media, after a flurry of interest thanks to her crystal using, meditative chanting kookiness, has not been following her. The only surprise is that she has not suspended her campaign entirely and is still declaring that she intends to soldier on alone. As Hot Air notes, she has not had a campaign manager in months and the staff she had left before letting them go numbered just a couple of dozen or so. 

The Washington Examiner suggests that Williamson will never stop running for president because her goal is not so much to win but to make points and to burnish her brand, whatever that is. 

“Throughout her campaign, Williamson has proposed emotional and spiritual revival through outlandish plans such as $100 billion in reparations to descendants of slaves and establishing a Department of Peace, an Orwellian-sounding governmental arm that would actually embrace pacifism by training people to participate in “nonviolent conflict resolution.”

“These ideas might be bonkers, but the motivations behind them touch on the desire for national healing. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t make good policies.

“Although Williamson’s rhetoric has resonated with some fans, her polling now flounders at 0.2%. Williamson tried to promise her supporters heaven, but they gave up when they were left with nothing but good intentions.”

Hot Air goes on to note that while Williamson is highly successful as an author and a self-help guru, those skill sets never translated to those needed by a hard-headed politician. She was not able to break through the more serious Democratic presidential candidates and certainly would not have been able to stand up against President Trump had the opportunity presented itself. Her main effect has been to bring a bit of levity and lightness to the campaign that was direly in need of both. 

The contraction of Williamson’s campaign to just the candidate has not caused her to be silent on current events. She has joined the other Democrats in condemnation of the killing of Qasem Solemani on Twitter.

“Prayers for peace. Killing of Qasem Solemani by US military was one of the most reckless irresponsible actions ever directed by a US President. Congress deserves condemnation for allowing it (NDAA) and Americans need to understand this: War with Iran would be totally disastrous.”

The tweet did not sit well with Williamson’s followership, most of whom are likely there for curiosity rather than any true support. Some noted Solemani’s tendency to kill lots of people, especially Americans. Others noted that the now-dead Iranian terrorist would likely have Williamson dangling at the end of a rope attached to a construction crane for preaching things not found in the Koran. 

In short, Williamson will still be around to provide entertainment, for those in need of it. Likely she’ll have a new book out of her experiences when it is all over. 

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