More on the Democrat that Does Not Favor Impeachment

Not everyone is in favor of the impeachment process as the dumb Democrats are finding out. None of the Republicans are in favor of it, the vast majority of the American people have polled their responses to vote and there are at least two Democrats that are scratching their heads wondering what has happened to their beloved party. It is like all the Democrats have jumped off a cliff like a bunch crazy idiots.

Jeff Van Drew is one Democrat that knows his parties’ push on the impeachment process is going to fail. It is like a light has come on in his dark head, and he has realized that he is on the losing side of things. Sadly the man succumbs to party pressure too easily. He has never fully supported the move by the dumb Democrats but has felt the pressure to support their move to vote. He did vote against the process. He has also complained about the Democrats pushing this issue too far.

Drew stated, “At the end of the day, we’ll have the same president and same candidate and a failed impeachment process, and the only difference would be that the president will have been exonerated of charges.” The dumb Democrats are going to hand a victory in 2020 to the Republicans. Everything they have done has just helped every Republican win more votes and support because the Democrats are failing at just about everything they are involved with.

Drew has stated that his party needs to rather focus on other things. He has also said “The presidential primary season is amongst us, and we have a general election coming up within a year. Let the people decide, and let’s get issues such as lowering prescription drug prices, infrastructure, access to healthcare, veterans’ benefits, and small business accomplished. Instead, this will only split the country further apart at the seams and create an even more toxic and partisan political environment that brings any progress to a halt.”

The funny part about the Democrats trying to impeach the president is that they are falling into his trap to keep them busy and distracted from all the real events that are going forward. President Trump does not seem fazed by their efforts. It is as if he expects them to try. He is the master of controlling the liberal left. He keeps them guessing as to what his next move will be and even throws them a bone from time to time just to keep them off balance long enough to win votes.

The other dumb Democrat that voted no on the resolution was Peterson from Minnesota. Both of these people voted no on the preliminary vote weeks earlier. But their party seems locked into trying to destroy President Trump that they cannot see that they are going to lose all their seats in 2020 because they are screwing everything up for themselves. There is not one Republican that supports this fouled attempt at the Democrats to unseat the president. This is one reason why the process will fail in the Senate.

Drew stated “Without bipartisan support, I believe this inquiry will further divide the country tearing it apart at the seams and will ultimately fail in the Senate. However, now that the vote has taken place, and we are moving forward I will be making a judgment call based on all the evidence presented by these investigations. My hope is that we are still able to get some work done to help the American people like infrastructure, veterans’ benefits, environmental protection, immigration reform, reducing prescription drug cost, and strengthening Social Security.”

The funny part about his statement is that it is too late for him or anyone else to do anything about their seat in 2020. They have wasted too much time trying to hunt the president. The Democrats have handed President Trump the White House in 2020 because they have made fools of themselves in the past three years.

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