New Jersey Toilet Paper Company is Filling the Void

Everyone is in a panic because of the way things are going with a new virus. For some reason, the media feels it necessary to drive the panic by promoting numbers that are so low that they are not worth mentioning. All they want to do is create more panic, so they have stories to tell. All the panic has led to people rushing into stores with the hopes of buying up all the commodities that they think they will need to ride out the storm.

Supply chains and producers have had to rush to keep up with demand. One company, in particular, has become a beacon of hope that anything can happen to improve a situation. While the world is in chaos Marcal Paper is in growth mode. A few weeks back they just started up production after a fire had destroyed much of the plant. But now they are back in business and the toilet paper that they produce is coming off the line fast.

Marcal Paper is now producing 170 tons of paper towels and toilet paper per day. They have to be open every minute of every week to meet the demand that has come because of the coronavirus and the fear created by bad reporting by the media. The demand for the products has simply depleted the stock that most of these companies had on hand.

Rob Baron who is the CEO of Marcal Paper said “Six weeks ago, coronavirus wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Then we slowly saw an uptick. But it wasn’t until the weekend before last when we saw inventories just plummet.” He also mentioned that the demand is greater than what they can produce. People are just going crazy and buying everything that they can get their hands on.

People are buying commodities in bulk thinking that the end of the world is happening. When the media falsely reports unconfirmed numbers, people have a way of playing out the worst-case scenario in their heads. Many people have a comfort zone level that they must try to fill to live securely. When that level is challenged they go into panic mode. Toilet paper just had to be the one item that everyone decided needed to be bought in bulk.

Marcal Paper was destroyed by fire in 2019. Much of the plant was destroyed. It has been in the community for over 90 years. When it burned to the ground people felt like a piece of the community was gone forever. But Marcal Paper made a huge comeback and just at the right time. They are seeing the fruits of their labors as production is at an all-time high.

The great thing about the disastrous fire was that not one person lost their lives. However, 500 people did lose their jobs until things got back to operating order. The coronavirus is the sad moment that would provide hope for a community and 500 employees that have been without work for over a year. These are real families that are grateful for the chance to get back to work.

The plant may be operating at full capacity but there have been some struggles. Many of the people still have to practice social distancing until the virus is finally gone. They must do their part to contain the sickness and to keep from passing it on to others. If the plant suffers an outbreak, there is the chance that it could shut down once again. Baron has stated that “This is tough on the employees. The fire brought us closer together, and now a lot of us are working remotely. I wish this thing (the outbreak) never happened.”

Baron’s words are shared by millions of other people. As great as it is to have work, the rest of the story is not so pleasant. But there will be a victory when all is said and done. And like President Trump has shown the economy will come back with a vengeance and things will be better than before.

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