Obama More A Friend to Soleimani Than to America

Since the fatal attack on Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani, Democrats have not ceased to let President Donald Trump know about their extreme dislike for the situation. However, upon closer inspection, it would seem that they themselves, as well as their beloved Obama, are actually more at fault for the entire situation than Trump.

After the terrible attacks of September 11, America went to war against terrorism and Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, to be more specific. And we did well. US troops found the brutal leader and made him for his crimes.

However, in the wake of his death, his country and government fell into disrepair and chaos. Finally, other nations, such as the US, stepped in and “helped” give the teetering nation a new set of leadership, one that was supposed to be more democratic. President Obama and his second, Joe Biden, chose the new leader and ensured that all those opposing him didn’t have a chance.

But the man they chose to rule Iraq was also handpicked by Soleimani and anti-America. This gave Obama and Biden the excuse they needed to leave Iraq with their hands clean, but it also made the nation a completely subservient puppet state of Iran.

Now for those of you who think this was a mere coincidence or that US leaders didn’t have any knowledge of this, the next bit of information might just convince you otherwise.

At the same time that this ‘new leadership’ was being set into motion, President Barack Obama was also secretly negotiating with Iran on the infamously horrible, Iran Nuclear Deal. Now little-known to most was that part of this deal was that Obama granted amnesty to Soleimani and the Revolutionary Guards under him. In return for this favor, Iran promised not to participate in the creation of nuclear weapons.

However, amnesty was not all he did for Soleimani. In addition, billions of assets that had been previously frozen by the US government, as well as an entire pallet of cash, was sent to Iran for Soleimani. These assets and money were then used to build Soleimani’s army and stockpile what is now known to be a stash of over 2,000 missiles.

And when Soleimani started using that army to violate the terms of their ‘deal,’ including colluding with Russia to divide Syria, Obama turned a blind eye to it. Evidence also suggests that Obama had messages sent to Soleimani at one time to warn him of an assassination attempt on his life by Israelis.

It makes one wonder whose side Obama was on, huh?

Why would the US President, a man who undoubtedly knows the threat of Iran and their American-hating regime, choose to give so much aid to them? What was in it for him? Or was he just scared of starting something he couldn’t finish?

No doubt, this is precisely what today’s US Democrats still fear. Rather than doing what is right and making good on their promises, they would rather ignore it all, letting Iran and its regime continue to rule the Middle East with an iron fist, taking out anyone who would oppose them.

Well, it’s that and their complete hatred and contempt for our current president. Instead of siding with the American people and what is right and best for our nation, these shallow-headed trolls fight tooth and nail to undermine every single action he takes.

So it’s no shock that people like Congresswoman Jackie Spier would say that the accidentally downed Ukrainian airline flight was Trump’s fault. She says that his “continued saber-rattling” has accrued “yet another example of collateral damage.”

And yet we find it hard to believe that the 600 Americans who lost their lives when Soleimani attacked them would share Spier’s clueless opinions. Neither would the 1,500 Iranians that Soleimani’s men opened fire on in the streets for simply protesting. And would the 176 who were killed on Flight 752 say that it was Trump’s fault their lives were lost when an Iranian missile caused their plane to explode?

I think not. In fact, I know that is not the case. Evidence of this can be found in the fact that the people of Iran are finally starting to see a way out of their oppression. They are storming the streets of Iran calling for the end of the regime and their leader’s head.

President Trump has not caused more destruction. Instead, he has given hope for peace.

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