One More Gun Owner One More Crime Averted and One More Story Buried

Just about a week ago there was another incident where a gun owner prevented a crime. Just about a week ago was the last we heard about that story too. Unfortunately, that has become the norm. This wasn’t one of those near-miss stories either. In this case, shots were fired, a 29-year-old man died and the early morning streets of San Pedro were sent into lockdown.

Still, did we hear anything about it? It’s a safe bet that if you live anywhere more than two miles outside of San Pedro you didn’t. As a matter of fact, you may even live in Los Angeles and still may not have heard a word about it.

It could be because Los Angeles is so vast and there is so much going on that this incident in the small harbor of LA was overshadowed. It wasn’t.

It could be that this wasn’t a headline-worthy story because there was only one death so it wasn’t a mass shooting incident. It could be but it wasn’t.

The world loves a trainwreck or a plane crash for that matter. No, not love as in we love to see or hear about it but it is the innate fascination we have with tragedy. It is that ‘we want to look away but we can’t‘ magnet inside us. That is why tragedy, murder, and scandal sell. No, this story had no real rival competition and it had all the elements of an attention-grabbing event yet, nothing. The best that we can find is a couple of short paragraphs about this shooting last week. Here is what we know based on one of those short reports that covered this tragic incident.

At approximately 7 a.m. a gun-owning San Pedro resident was awakened by what he perceived to be someone attempting to enter his home. The story, citing police reports, said the alleged burglar later identified as 29-year-old Kevin Leonardo Landivar, tried to break-in through the front door where the resident first confronted the suspected invader. Landivar then made another attempt to enter through a window on another side of the home. It was upon this attempt that Landivar was shot. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the crime-scene and very little else is known. That’s correct, more than a week later and we have heard no other stories since these initial snippets when the news first broke. Was there a gunfire exchange? How many shots were fired? We haven’t heard a single word because?

Now, if we step back from the tree we can begin to see the forest…

We rarely (if we ever do) hear more than a couple of short paragraphs about these types of confrontations that happen much more often than we know! Then, the story (the one that is already buried behind headlines like the Oktober-Glutten-Fest and Ms. Pumpkin Princess Winners!), simply dies. Just like this one. On the other hand, if this were a story about armed assailants invading a home and killing someone we’d all know about it. There would be a small statement from the Mayor about gun violence and maybe even a brief conference scheduled to discuss gun control laws. Curious isn’t it?

Assuming that our gun owner was merely protecting himself and his home, and after a week without any word to the contrary this seems to be the case, then this man appears to be a hero. How many other homes would have been struck? What if Landivar had a weapon, a gun or a knife? At some point, there will be at least some type of closure and follow up written about this fatal confrontation in San Pedro. That story, however, may not come until months later. Long enough to not demand or warrant much attention.

This is just one more story about a gun owner preventing one more crime. Unfortunately, this time, someone died. This is also one more story that might change the way a country views guns and it is one more story that won’t see the light of day. Not that it shouldn’t – it just won’t.


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