Pentagon Seeking Rare Metals Pending Trade War with China

China is causing a lot of trouble for a number of nations and people. Their refusal to trade fairly with the nations of the world has led to the United States placing tariffs on them until they are ready to negotiate a fair trade agreement. China is the one nation that controls rare earth minerals. Because of the trade war, the Pentagon is seeking to secure a stable supply of these minerals to continue to fuel rare earth mineral industries.

Crummy China is threatening the United States with these minerals. The minerals are used to build certain defense technologies and a number of electronics. Crummy China will soon find out that they cannot threaten the United States and get away with it. America is highly innovative and will just develop their own industry. China will be the that suffers in the end. The Pentagon has asked for American miners to develop ways to mine these elements themselves.

What an opportunity for miners to take the country and end the dependence on China for these metals. The Pentagon has asked for these plans to be submitted soon so the ideas can be added to the new budget plan. Crummy China believes that it rules the world, but they will soon see that the United States is way more intelligent than China could ever be. The people of the United States cares for other people and that is what sets them apart from the rest of the world.

The mining world is being relatively silent when approached by the media about the request by the Pentagon. Meddling media needs to keep their fake reports out of the way and let the Pentagon do its job. Anthony Marchese, who is the chairman of Texas Mineral Resources Corp, has stated, “The government wants to know how much of these minerals we could eventually be producing, and how soon.” The nature of the request is urgent and one of secrecy.

For the miners of America, this is a chance for them to excel at what makes America great. They now have the opportunity to invent a lacking industry within the borders of America. This can lead to the nation not having to be dependent on China for these minerals. The goal for this request is to have a permanent local supply for the minerals.

The Pentagon is being very specific with its request to research out these minerals and how they need to be refined. This is just the first step in America becoming a major world power with being a producer of rare earth minerals. China will suffer a major loss in this important market because they are not wanting to be fair with trading with other nations. They believe that they rule the market on many things but when they refuse to be fair, it opens the door for the United States to grow and expand.

Part of the plan is to develop a refining plant for processing here in the United States. The Pentagon has a lot of room to expand its powers in order to keep America safe. What the miners of America have to do is fill in the missing parts of the processing chain in order to take over as the world leader with these minerals.

President Trump is in full support of the Pentagon’s actions as his executive orders have started the ball rolling to develop a system of rare earth minerals production. Many Senators have also jumped on the support wagon to develop the nation’s own production.

In order for America to be great again, the nation needs to end its dependence on foreign minerals. America must have its own way of defending itself without having to rely on nations that seek to harm others when they can. China has been trying for years to outperform America in many industries and has only failed.

America will continue to grow and dominate in many areas of production. China will fail in its goal to harm other nations and take advantage of them. President Trump seeks only the best for people in the country and around the world.

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