President Trump to Focus on Oregon for the 2020 Election

The 2020 election is right around the corner and all candidates are making inroads into the public in an all-out bid to win the coming presidential race.

This past week, the President has made it known that he is planning on putting more resources into the state of Oregon in an attempt to strengthen Republican voters. Oregon has been a Democratic state for many years and in 2016 Hillary had beaten Trump by nearly 11 percent when the final count was done.

The President has a lot of campaigns financing and is looking for ways to use the money wisely. Whether he uses it for debates or advertisement remains to be seen but for right now he has Oregon insight.

The President is what Tony Fabrizio, who is a Trump campaign pollster, says is, “expanding the map.” The President is looking for multiple ways to win reelection and Oregon may hold the key.

Fabrizio has stated that states such as New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Nevada are all competitive states.

Currently, President Trump is focusing resources in these three states and it looks like Oregon is next on the list. Oregon is a deeply Democratic state and has been since 1984. The last Republican to try to win in this state was George W. Bush, and he lost to John Kerry by four percent once all the votes were counted.

The Trump campaign is looking to “test the waters” in the state to see what needs to be done in order to win the votes necessary to get the electoral points.

On a lesser scale, the Republican campaign would like to see a strong Republican step up and defeat the current state, Rep. Peter DeFazio. Many long-time standing Democratic states are being targeted with the hopes of winning the votes.

The campaigns senior advisor has stated that “If we are a month out and a previous victory like Michigan is not possible, would be nice to know other states are options.” Elections are hard to guess when it comes right down to it.

One issue can turn a state over to the hand of the competition. There is no doubt that the President has captured the attention of many voters that could end up voting for him.

The Trump administration has a proven record that shows when they face opposition or a challenge that they are not one to back down.

When it came down to winning Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016, Trump and his people invested the time and resources only to see both states turn from blue to red. This goes to show that persistence can pay off in the end.

The state of Oregon is largely a blue state. Some Republican officials have hinted that the people of Oregon are dissatisfied with the Democratic party and are beginning to want something new.

They want to see results and the Democrats are not delivering on what the people want to see for their state. What has happened under the Democratic party is a rise in crime, homelessness, unaffordable housing, and many other issues that are just not being solved.

Molly Woon, who is the deputy director of the Oregon Democratic Party, has stated, “It makes sense that the GOP would be interested in refurbishing their reputation out here. Their party has championed putting kids in cages, taking health care away from working families and defiling the Constitution. This is not the Oregon way. They’re welcome to visit, but they should be prepared for an icy reception from Oregon voters.”

This statement only begs a confrontation from the Trump campaign.

Kevin Hoar, who is the communication’s director of the Republican Party, has stated, “Everyday Oregonians can see that President Trump is taking on the big problems and making the economy a huge success. This provides a powerful contrast between the policies we hear about from the 2020 Democratic presidential field, and the promises kept and success delivered by President Trump. Oregon continues to be home to a growing number of forgotten men and women, especially in rural Oregon, a major theme of his campaign since 2016.”

These are the things that people want to see in Oregon.

They want results, and they want to see people keeping their promises.

It is possible that the President could come in and turn the state of Oregon red for the 2020 election.

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