Red State Democrats Worry Impeachment Will Backfire

As the impeachment inquiry continues on and is constantly bringing in new information, many congressional Democrats are starting to worry, especially senators up for re-election in red states. The fear is that the process will backfire, causing issues of great importance in their state to get lost or forgotten in all the drama, or, worse yet, put these lawmakers out of a job.

Democrat Senator Jon Tester of the very red state of Montana says, “It’s really incumbent on the House to really be laser-focused. The president is a master of pivoting and deflecting and I think it’s really important to stay focused.” He, like several other Democratic senators, think that to achieve this, the impeachment inquiry should focus strictly on the July 25 phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to a CIA officer’s second-hand whistleblower complaint, the president abused his power by threatening to delay nearly $400 million in US military aid to the nation of Ukraine unless they agreed to open an investigation into former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

As is typical with mainstream media of the day, many news outlets have immediately sided with their liberal backers, saying that Trump did, in fact, do this.

However, a transcript of the call was released last week, and it didn’t support those claims at all. According to the transcript, there was nothing even remotely akin to a threat, and the Ukrainian president has confirmed that even to the UN.

Furthermore, it has been found that while military aid was in fact delayed to the Ukrainian government, this was a decision made long before the phone call took place because of an investigation by the Trump administration into possible corruption with the Ukrainian government. And the foreign government was not even made aware of the delay in military funding until nearly a month later. So either no threat was made, or Trump did a poor job of making his intentions known, which is unlikely considering the man’s business acumen. Plus, records show that there is not nor ever was an open investigation into Hunter Biden for any reason.

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin agrees with Senator Tester saying, “I think it’s much better if it’s going to be focused because there’s a whole load of hay out there that they’ve been talking about for so long.”

But it seems that both Tester and Manchin’s warnings will fall on deaf ears, as many Democrats and the House and Senate think that the investigation should be much broader and include findings from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as well as accusations that Trump’s businesses are benefiting from his presidential office.

If this happens, Democrat Senators, such as Doug Jones of Alabama, who is also up for re-election next year, fears that the impeachment inquiry and trials will overshadow crucial issues such as negotiations on trade with Mexico and Canada or an authorization bill for multi-year highway construction. Jones says, “Obviously we need to get to the bottom of all this quickly. I want it to come to a head as quickly as possible. I think the American people deserve it to be resolved one way or another.”

Jones went on to say that the US, Mexico, and Canada (USMCA) trade deal is critical and that his state, as well as most others, would benefit from it. But it is now in jeopardy pending the outcome of the impeachment fight. He says, “I think there’s a lot of things that may get lost in the shuffle of this. You’re obviously worried that you’ll get consumed, but at the same time the Senate has not had a good track record this year legislating.”

And at the same time, he and others, like Tester and Manchin, are all up for re-election in red states where Trump has already proved himself to be capable of winning. In 2016, Trump won in Jones’ state of Alabama by about 30 points. So it only makes sense that Democratic senators such as himself would be nervous about the prospects of winning, mainly since issues of importance to the people of his state, such as the USMCA trade deal and local construction, may get passed over because of the Democrat’s obsession with impeachment.

As one senator with wishes to stay anonymous said, “the stakes go up for both sides at this point,” according to the Hill.

6 thoughts on “Red State Democrats Worry Impeachment Will Backfire

  1. The Silent MAJORITY of folks like me are getting VERY, VERY TIRED of these TRAITOROUS, MORONIC dems NOT doing the job they were elected (by morons) to do and instead, seeking to impeach OUR PRESIDENT!!! Should the dems succeed in this disastrous course of action, there will be catastrophic and terminal consequences!!

  2. Will backfire? Ukraine opened up a can of worms on the democrats, RINOs and Deep State criminal activities in Ukraine! There’s a treasure trove of crimes! Why do you think their so desperate to get Trump! The election is peanuts compared to taking down all of these corrupt people! Clinton and Obama are deep in it too…

  3. These corrupt and crooked Democrat’s need to stop what they are doing and work for all of the American citizen’s. They are still mad as hell because, their girl didn’t win the 2016 Presidential Election so that they could continue with keeping the unemployment as high as possible and keep people on Food Stamps and the American citizen’s health insurance costs increasing and our veterans from getting the help that they needed. All of these corrupt and crooked Democrat’s need to be replaced with some new candidate’s, so that they can work with President Donald J Trump and his whole administration to get his agenda fulfilled and to help with giving him the money for building the wall and to protect our country and our communities and keeping our children safe from all of the illegal immigrants and gang member’s. I will continue to pray and support President Donald J Trump and his whole administration and I will be voting for him next year.

  4. The Democrats’ hatred of Trump (some Republicans, too) has become so intense, that nothing short of a public guillotine will satisfy their lust for his scalp.

    We hear so many memes issued on a daily basis that make the whole situation well nigh impossible to follow as one seeks truth, not propaganda.

    While Congress pursues this witch hunt, all other ordinary business will be sidelined, to the country’s detriment.

    Of course, Democrats are banking on confrontation weariness to win. Most Americans do not like conflict and it is always the accuser who has the upper hand, while the accused must try and prove himself/herself innocent.

    And the many clueless adults among us, who have little interest in or knowledge of U.S. history, will tip the balance based on their visceral feelings of the moment, or sound bites on TV, not on the merits of a particular policy position. That’s especially true of the 18-34 year old demographic, graduating from high school or college with little understanding of life or much beyond how much free stuff can the ‘evil’ rich give them with the help of government.

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