Republicans Want Party to Be More Like Trump, Less Like Hypocrite Romney

If you want to see more hypocrisy from the Democrats, on subject sure to please is their outlook on Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

Apparently, Democrats love him, at least as much as they can love a Republican. To them, he just might be the saving grace of their party because he is trying to rip his own party in two.

But it wasn’t all that long ago that they hated him.

In 2012, when Romney was challenging President Barack Obama for the White House, he was called everything but a white man by the Democrats. After all, he was trying to oust the nation’s first black president. Therefore, he must be racist at the very least.

But in 2019, as he entered the Senate and has begun speaking out against President Donald Trump, it has become apparent that they love him. He has even been called courageous by some of them.

It’s just a shame no one else seems to think so.

According to a new poll by Rasmussen and the Washington Times, Republicans as a whole don’t support Romney nearly as much as they do Trump.

The survey has taken October 15 and 16 and found that 63 percent of likely Republican voters think the party should be “more like Trump than like Romney.”

A poll taken in January doesn’t show much change in the party’s opinion of Romney either. This means that his comeback, both into the Senate and back into the political realm as a whole, and the ten months since then, has done little to show Republicans that he is worth their support.

And just to let you know, both of these polls were taken well before Romney’s secret identity as Pierre Delecto was found out. Both Slate and the Atlantic reported that the longtime Republican had been found with a secret Twitter account under another name that he supposedly used to keep track of political conversations.

While he certainly isn’t the first politician to be found with secret accounts and identities, we can’t imagine this news helping his popularity much, at least for his own party.

Then again, he might not be with the party for much longer by the looks of things.

In the last year since he returned to public office, his relationship with the White House has gotten only worse. This is likely due to his constant bragging about how he would be better as a president than Donald Trump.

And in 2012 or before that, that might have been the case. A choice that favored Romney certainly would have been better than allowing the last four years of Obama’s reign to happen. After all, it was during those four years that the Islamic State group was allowed to rise, our economy became stagnant, and deals were made with the mullahs of Iran.

But Romney lost.

And since then, he has pretty much turned away from both politics and his party. Did he expect everything to still be the same when he returned? To always be the one expected to save us all from the Democrats?

If he did, he thought wrongly.

Things have changed. The leftists are crazier than ever, and we have a whole mess of their problems we have to fix. While Romney was off taking a break, Trump stood up and said he would fight for us. He would be the one to make things right and face the battle head-on.

And he has done a pretty good job. No, he’s not perfect. No one is. But he’s taking a stand for things that matter, and for America when no else would.

So don’t expect us to just kick him out when Romney returns to the stage and wants in again. That’s obviously what Romney wants. He has even gone so far as to say that he isn’t sure the Republican Party is for him anymore, at least while Trump is part of it.

Now, doesn’t that sound just like a jealous child.

And that’s really ok because we don’t need someone like than anyway.

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