Sanders Threatens Moderate Democrats

For those of you living anywhere else besides substantial metropolitan areas that are caked in liberal idealism, you understand that most of America is a little nervous, if not outright terrified of a socialist America as Senator Bernie Sanders would have it.

The 2020 White House hopeful has made it abundantly clear that his nation would be one so far to the left that it is nearly indistinguishable from socialism and communism. And most of his policies prove this. Take Medicare for All, for example. This plan would give every American citizen and illegal aliens free or super low-cost health insurance that is government ran. Similarly, your education from daycare and preschool to college and beyond would be free. Housing and rent would be controlled by the government as well, as will your income.

And yes, you won’t upfront payments or costs involved with these things, but you would have to pay much more in taxes. Sanders has already admitted as much. And let’s not forget this would mean the government has complete control over just about everything in your life.

You can see why many Americans are a bit hesitant to jump on the Bernie train, right?

But Sanders said once he becomes president, it won’t matter what people think. He will get them to go for his policies and make sure that Congress passes them. He even threatened his party members, saying that those who tend to ride the center line and be more moderate won’t have a choice but to side with him.

This week, Sanders spoke to CNBC’s John Harwood while on tour in Des Moines, Iowa. The two talked about several things, including Sanders’ ambition to become the next Franklin Delano Roosevelt and to get rid of big oil corruption.

However, when Harwood began to ask about the kind of support Sanders expected from Congress if he won, things became a little more transparent.

Harwood asked, “Is Joe Manchin going to vote for your program? Is Jon Tester going to vote for your program?”

Now both of these gentlemen are from states known to fall well within the GOP’s line of thinking and, therefore, would be hard-pressed to agree with policies like Medicare for All or the Green New Deal. As such, the men tend to stick to center-of-the-line values and are labeled as moderates.

But Bernie says they will agree with him nonetheless. He answered Harwood with a resounding, “Yeah. Damn right, they will.”

He also added that while both of the previously mentioned senators are his friends and that “some of my best friends are moderates,” he wouldn’t think twice about making things harder on them if they didn’t support him after he won the White House.

He explained himself by saying, “We’re going to go to West Virginia (where Manchin represents), which is maybe the poorest state – well, one of the poorest states. Look, what happens right now, your average politician sits around, and he or she thinks, they say, ‘Let’s see, if I do this I’m going to have the big money interest putting 30-second ads against me. So I better not do it.”

“But now they’re going to have to think, ‘If I don’t support an agenda that works for working people, I’m going to have President Sanders come into my state and rallying working-class people.”

To be clear, this is an outright threat.

But as The Outline’s Paul Blest says, threatening might be the only thing Bernie can do to get people to agree.

He wrote, “No national Democrat has ever been able to wrangle Manchin into being a consistent vote for their agenda.” And he adds, “Would Sanders’s strategy work on Manchin? I wouldn’t bet against it. But Sanders’s embrace of the bully pulpit to browbeat Democrats into voting for his agenda would be right on target.”

He explains this by saying, “Considering the makeup of Congress, and as it promised to remain that way if the people running Democrats’ campaign infrastructure get their way, a healthy dose of the proverbial big stick is the only way a Sanders agenda has even an iota of a chance of passing.”

Basically, Sanders is saying that he thinks he will get people to agree with him on most issues, but if he can’t, well, you’d better watch out. I don’t know which is worse: the fact Sanders knows people won’t go for his ideas or the ‘or else’ he implies when they won’t.

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