The Awkward Handshake With Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg has definitely been working the campaign trail like a pro. He’s been out there shaking hands and kissing babies like no one’s business. When he met with an older woman in Iowa, he encountered an awkward moment.

Throughout the Iowa State fair, Buttigieg was focusing on his campaign. A woman approached him, explaining that she once met Robert Kennedy in 1968. She told him that she was able to shake his hand.

Buttigieg did the only thing that he could do. He smiled and asked if that meant that the woman was good luck.

The woman shook Buttigieg’s hand and responded “not really” and went on to explain that he was shot a month later. Kennedy, who was a former attorney general and senator, was a beloved politician of by liberals. He was assassinated in California when he was a Democratic nomination for president – five years after his brother, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated.

The exchange between Buttigieg and the woman was tweeted by a CNN producer, receiving tens of thousands of likes.

Buttigieg didn’t really know what to say to the woman after she identified that she wasn’t actually good luck for Robert Kennedy. Telling the Democratic candidate about the exchange didn’t seem to make a lot of sense unless she was hoping for a similar trend to happen.

Pete Buttigieg has been focusing on his campaigning significantly over the past several days, spending quite a bit of time at the Iowa State Fair along with some of the other candidates.

During one of his speeches at the fair, Buttigieg explained that the reason he is running for president is to ensure that there will be someone sticking up for American values in the Oval Office.

Buttigieg has experienced a number of awkward situations throughout the campaign trail. He has also described himself as being “awkward and shy” throughout multiple interviews. The 37-year-old mayor from South Bend, Indiana is the youngest of the candidates on the 2020 campaign trail. This means that he actually has a little bit in common with Kennedy, also being a young candidate. However, after awkwardly smiling at the woman who announced that Kennedy was assassinated a month later, it is likely that he cannot get that exchange out of his head.

Other awkward exchanges have focused on how the 2020 presidential candidate has come out as an openly gay figure in such a conservative state as Indiana. MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, talked to the candidate, and had, as she prefaced, “an awkward question” for him. She explained how, prior to coming out at the age of 33, he joined the Navy, deployed to Afghanistan, and ran for mayor. He explained to the reporter that it was a trying time because of the denial in his head. He finally took a leap of faith, knowing that there was going to be plenty of ugliness coming his way from all over the place.

Buttigieg has managed to be charismatic in most of his exchanges, which is more than can be said from some of the other presidential candidates. When met with awkward exchanges, he smiles and talks openly about the issues. However, shaking someone’s hand only seconds before they explained that they aren’t good luck can shake anyone.

No one recorded an actual comment after the woman in Iowa explained that Kennedy was assassinated a month later, so no one can know if Buttigieg said anything in response or if he simply moved on to the next person. Shaking hands with strangers can be nerve-racking enough. Assassination during that same exchange can be terrifying.

In the world that we live in, assassination attempts are made on a regular basis. Buttigieg doesn’t seem to be worried, as no extra security has been added to detail him. Further, he is focusing on his campaign trail where he has been picking up some steam within the polls. While he still sits back considerably from Biden, Sanders, Warren, and even Harris, he is pulling forward away from a number of the other candidates. Considering that there were over two dozen candidates putting in an official bid for 2020 presidency, Buttigieg has managed to make it into the top five according to most polls.

Assuming that Buttigieg doesn’t face the same fate that Kennedy faced after shaking the Iowan woman’s hand, the Democratic candidate from Indiana is likely to stay in the primary race for the entire duration. However, no matter how many awkward exchanges he has or how smoothly he talks on the stage, is likely not going to be enough to compete with the other candidates.

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