Minneapolis PD Tells Local Business They Are on Their Own

While you are probably not seeing as many stories about the destruction that is currently taking place in downtown Minneapolis, the same issues are still taking place. Conditions on the ground are still brutal for local businesses and residents who are not participating in the protests. The demonstrations and riots are not as sizable as […]

AOC Admits That Biden Is Nothing More than a Trojan Horse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let the cat out of the bag when she recently talked about Biden. She confirmed what many of us already knew. Biden is a figurehead…a Trojan horse. He looks good on the ballots because he has the political experience. He served alongside Obama. He’s easier to get into the White House than some […]

School Director Calls Anti-Mask Protesters ‘So Dang Selfish’

The issue of the mask will undoubtedly be the apex of the year 2020. So many liberals live in fear of catching the COVID-19 virus that they have barricaded their faces behind man-made objects. At first, the liberals wore them to protect themselves. Then, somewhere along the way, they decided to push for others to […]

Lebron James Challenged to Match Reward for LA Police Shooter

As sheriff of Los Angeles County, California, and subsequently one of America’s most populous cities, Alex Villanueva, undoubtedly has had to make some tough decisions over the years. I have not always been a fan of very many, such has his decision last month to refuse to cooperate any longer with ICE in just about […]

BLM and China: The Link has Been Found!

Black Lives Matter has been trying to kill so many Americans in their riots. China, too, has been trying to kill Americans in one way or another. There has to be some kind of link, right? It turns out that the Black Futures Lab, a group led by the founder of BLM is a fiscally […]

Godless Vandals Decapitate Jesus in El Paso

You read that right. They finally came for Jesus. The Antifa-Woke-BLM-Socialist-Anarchist-Crybaby-Marxist mob finally came after Jesus. First, they smashed the downtowns of cities, busting up and destroy Tiffany’s, Game Stop, Nike and JC Penney’s, not protesting the death of any black man but using the opportunity as a smash-and-grab so they could steal designer jeans […]

NFL Player Defies Teammates by Wearing This Name on His Helmet

As the National Football League again kicks off its new year the question of who will kneel for the national anthem and who will stand has morphed into an even bigger political issue with the recent riots and demonstrations causing sympathy for the kind of individuals that would typically be shunned for their violence. Along […]

Pennsylvania Biden Voter Complains About Sea of Trump Flag

Joe Biden events tend to be pretty awkward in nature. His gaffes and screw ups have kept us laughing over the past few months, though. For once, this awkward moment is not his fault. He and Anderson Cooper of CNN were the hosts for the event. It did not take long for the event to […]

Good Job Joe! Biden’s Mostly Peaceful Protests Caused Over 2 Billion in Damages Mostly To Minorities

While the Washington Post has decided to highlight a recent report about the protests remaining mostly peaceful, there is still much to be done. Yes, their report claimed that 93 percent of the protests have been peaceful. It’s the 7 percent that is worrying the rest of the country right now. The civil disorder that […]

COVID-19 Has Met Its Match as Killer Antibody is Found

The race for a COVID-19 cure has taken a massive turn for the better as new information has come out, showing that COVID-19 can be stopped dead in its tracks. For several months the virus has made many people fear being out in public and even being around other people, but that is all starting […]

Dems’ New Normal! Biden’s Private Militia, BLM, Now Attacking Trump Supporters at Their Homes

Milwaukee Black Lives Matter militants are no longer content to have their riots in the streets anymore. They have decided that they are going to start bringing their grievances directly to the front doors of Trump supporters. On Tuesday night, one of the Trump supporters was arrested for the crime of protecting their own home […]

Is Joe Biden on Drugs?

Joe Biden must be on the good stuff because it takes a lot to animate a corpse (a lightning storm, in the case of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster). Whether Sleepy Joe’s secret sauce is uncut Columbian blow or laboratory-engineered amphetamines, Joe Biden may be powered by something other than coffee. President Trump said as much when […]

Child Tyrant and World’s Wokest Teenager Stars in Climate Propaganda Movie

And you thought the Green New Deal was dumb. But let’s start on a kinder note…. Children are special. Their innocence to the cruelty, sadness, and seemingly random acts on evil in the world can remind us of our humanity. Our children come into this world defenseless and needing us to provide for them and […]

State Dept Docs Confirm Ukraine’s Burisma Paid $7 Million Bribe After Hunter Biden Joined Board

According to State Department documents that have recently been unearthed after an extended period of time, Hunter Biden was closely involved in the payment of a massive bribe. Burisma, the company that provided Joe Biden’s son with a seat on their board, is found to be responsible for the payout. They doled out a whopping […]

It’s Time for Dr. Fauci to Retire Already

Dr. Fauci is quickly becoming one of the least favorite people in American. Every time he opens his mouth, something related to death, doom, and destruction comes out. One day he is saying something about COVID-19, and the following report contradicts what he just got done saying. He is a man that has drifted away […]

CNN Caught Airing Altered Image Of Joe Biden To Fend Off Liberal Backlash

Monday saw a brazen abandonment of journalistic integrity on the part of CNN, who aired an altered video of Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, which removed a portion of an original photo that has become objectionable to social-justice warriors. The photo showed Biden holding his son, but it was airbrushed from the original photo in […]

President on Track to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump’s announcement for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize was paralyzing to the Democrats. For years they have tried to make him out to be the most horrific human being ever to live. But the rest of the world does not see him this way. They know the truth that he is a man that […]

Unbelievable! Latinos Come Out Big Time in Support for Trump

The running joke used to be that the weekends were for cracking open a cold eye with the boys. Now, weekends are made for Trump boat parades and Trump caravans. On Sunday, the Latinos for Trump group came out in full force. Their caravan got underway at Doral Central Park in Miami. Ariel Martinez from […]

Bloomberg Writes Big Check To Buy Florida Election for Biden

Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor, is perhaps best remembered for his willingness to buy the upcoming election. While this strategy did not work as well as he may have hoped, he is now trying to use his considerable bankroll to assist someone else. With Florida still hanging in the balance, he’s decided to […]

United States Revokes Over 1,000 Visas for Chinese Nationals With Ties To the Chinese Military

This decision is not going to fix the problems that we are experiencing entirely but guess what? It’s a wonderful place to start. The State Department has now decided to revoke 1,000 visas that were once granted to Chinese nationals. Presidential Proclamation 10043 was issued by President Trump at the end of May, going into […]

Pelosi’s Tweet Honoring ‘Hard-Working Families’ Gets Heckled Amid Salon Fallout

Democrats must think that people of the present easily forget the actions of the past. The truth is that people tend to remember the evil that is done to them by others. Nancy Pelosi is the queen of evil. She defiantly set up an appointment for her to have her hair done, knowing full well […]

Embarrassing! Biden Reads Prepared Staff Responses From Teleprompter During Media Press Conference

When the far-left group AFL-CIO had a recent virtual event, Joe Biden was invited to join. The event took place on Monday and exposed Biden’s level of incompetence. He was clearly struggling to speak. The man was very out of breath for some reason, too. It’s getting to the point where it is kind of […]

Newsom Admits His Insanity and Willingness to Physically Attack His Opposition

The sad socialist Governor Gavin Newsom has announced for everyone to hear that he is fed up with people not believing in climate change. His reason stems from how he is currently feeling about the current condition of the state. His biggest problem is the fire that is consuming the state. He stated that “We’re […]

Trump Asks Reporter to Remove Mask so he Can Hear the Question – The Reporter Resists

The duplicity of the Democrats makes all true-blooded Americans want to throw up every time they are exposed. Progressives everywhere push fear on people with their actions and words. And even when all guidelines are being observed, they think that they must somehow make an even stricter set of rules on people. Democrats believe that […]

Biden’s Shameless Lies: Blames Trump for Defund the Police Movement (Video)

Now that Joe Biden’s polling numbers have started to dwindle, he has decided to start lying to Americans more directly. The man is nothing if not an experienced gaslighter. He loves to tell Americans one thing and then tell them that he actually said another. When it comes to the topic of police reform, he […]

Must See! Man Gets Detained by Police and Then This Happens…

This is the story of a man named Griffin. He was walking down the street one day when he was approached by police officers. Griffin was worried that he was in some kind of trouble, just like anyone else would be that in that situation. The officer was quick to let him know that he […]

San Francisco Mayor Calls Trump a “Terrorist”

The Democrats and their long help establishment don’t have a lot of things going for them right now. Their presidential nominee is just about as weak as they come; their would-be VP is controversial and turncoat to her core; and their House Speaker just proved to be nearly as hypocritical as you can get. But, […]

Newsom Deliberately Sabotaged the States Reopening Plan

Gavin Newsom has a hidden political agenda that he has placed in the way he is handling the reopening of California. His “simplified” way of opening the state is full of hidden agenda items. Things that are not being said or caught that will keep the state on a perpetual lockdown. This tiering system is […]

Dems’ Hypocrisy! California City Gyms Open While Private Gyms Ordered Shut

When it comes to the COVID-19 related shutdowns, it often seems as if we are living by two different sets of rules. If a Democrat is involved, every excuse in the world is made for their inability to follow the rules that they are setting. For example, Nancy Pelosi decided to visit a hair salon […]

Debate Moderators Have Finally Been Announced, and They Aren’t Liberals…

And the moderators for the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates have officially been announced. Shockingly, it seems it will be somewhat fair. No, that doesn’t mean any of them will be Republicans, but neither are they are all-out liberals who will stand ready to insinuate Trump is the devil on national television. According to the […]

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