NY AG Opens Another Probe into Trump and Ivanka’s Taxes

New York State Attorney General Letitia James might be many things, but a promise-breaker isn’t one of them. She ran for the position on the promise that she would do everything in her power to ruin President Donald Trump and his. And I have to say, she’s been pretty much focused on that and that […]

Could We See Another Trump in DC Soon?

Trump has always been a powerful last name. It opens doors – and while the Dems are celebrating that they have been able to get rid of one Trump, another one may be showing up a lot sooner than they had anticipated. Donald Trump isn’t the only one who has had political aspirations. Lara Trump, […]

GOP Wins Key Statehouses, Crushing the Radical Left’s Attempt to Transform America Into A Communist Country

Whether or not Geriatric Joe Biden won the White House, down-ballot races across the country show good news for Republicans. In the run-up to the 2020 election, the Fake News Media blared gloom and doom. They predicted a historic wipeout of the Republican Party and a bell-ringing nationwide rejection of President Trump and everyone in […]

Democrats Running Scared as Evidence is Piled High

The liberals are running for cover as the evidence of their criminal deed comes to the surface. They have a long list of crimes that they are going to have to answer for as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell take aim at finding those responsible. The Democrats stepped into a circle with socialists and communists […]

Leave it to the Military Kids: A New Way to Talk to Dad During Deployment

Deployment is hard. Kids miss the parent who is deployed and there’s not a lot of resources to communicate. Especially when the parent deploys to Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East, coordinating Skype or Facetime calls are nearly impossible. Combine that with spotty internet connectivity on the military bases and it becomes […]

Lindsey Graham Feels Honored to Have Squad Calling for Resignation

It’s funny how the Squad feels as though they can bully their way into getting what they want. They make ridiculous demands because they don’t understand how the government works. Lindsey Graham, a US Senator from South Carolina, has been part of the Senate for decades. He isn’t one to be bullied, and he’s certainly […]

Dems’ Full-Blown Panic: Trump Pledges to Bring Troops Home

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the Deep State howling from the rafters because President Trump is making good on his campaign promise to the American people to bring the troops home. President Trump thinks 20 years in Afghanistan is long enough. Unfortunately, no war is too long for the professional warmongers in […]

Newsom Teaches to ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’

There’s nothing quite like being told to “Do as I say, not as I do.” It’s the ultimate level of hypocrisy, and we shouldn’t even be surprised that it’s coming from a Democrat. Governor Gavin Newsom of California has been going on and on about the restrictions. He’s told everyone to avoid gathering indoors because […]

Star Wars Fans Outraged at Baby Yoda Eating Eggs but Say Nothing About Abortion

Oh, how low our society has sunken to depravity. If you are anything like me, some days the absurdity of American culture and what we seem to care about simply astounds me – and not in a good way. Take, for example, the recent outrage expressed on social media over the latest episode or “chapter” […]

Californian Peons Lose Big Time as Newsom and His Cronies Head to Maui

Gavin Newsom made it very clear for Californians that they could not violate his unlawful orders regarding the upcoming holidays and gatherings. He told everyone had to comply as they were in the pandemic together. But for some reason, Newsom decided that he and his liberal legislators did not have to obey the same set […]

Election Fraud? Thousands More Uncounted Trump Votes Turn up in Georgia Recount Yet Again (Video)

As some readers may already be aware, the statewide recount in Fayette County has led to some rather interesting findings. Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has started to dwindle as more and more. Votes are being discovered that were supposed to have been added to the president’s ledger. A memory card that contained nearly […]

Brace Yourself: Biden’s Started to Announce Senior White House Appointments

Everyone’s been on edge with the idea of Joe Biden choosing the newest cabinet. Who is he going to put into each of the critical positions? While there’s been talk about diversity, there are also many people who have paid heavily into Biden’s election campaign with the anticipation of being “repaid” in the form of […]

About That Student Loan Debt, Let’s See It Disappear

Anyone with student loan debt knows that it sits on your chest, making it difficult to ever see any kind of relief. However, it’s a burden that we have to deal with. Although the Democrats have long promised to make it go away, it’s not realistic. Who would pay for it? Would it even be […]

Chinese Troops Boil the Blood of Indian Soldiers With New Microwave Weapon

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves that create an up and down pattern of magnetism and electricity which propel through the air inside of the oven at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second if you prefer. Sound dangerous? When used properly for their intended purpose they’re perfectly safe. The strong metal casing prevents the […]

Media Goes Off Deep End as They Forget What a Constitution is all About

The mainstream media thinks that they have the beat on what people want to hear when it comes to news stories and facts from around the world. They like to tell people their opinions instead of reporting the facts. Like their Democrat counterparts, they think people need to be told what to believe. They fail […]

Ditching the Electoral College is Still a Hot Topic

The media loves to talk about the “what if” of getting rid of the Electoral College. After all, if they had been able to rely on the popular vote alone in 2016, we would have had Hillary Clinton as our president instead of Donald Trump. Now that it appears that Joe Biden won not only […]

Nothing to See Here? Georgia Officials Find Thousands of Uncounted Trump Votes in Recount

While the current civil war that is taking place in Georgia is not the ugliest one that we have ever seen, it’s definitely not the best look. The GOP is trying their best to remain unified as the state prepares for two crucial Senate runoff elections. After a week or so of fits and starts, […]

Trump’s Top Lawyer Coming for Blood

The media is quick to downplay any victory that the president has concerning the election. They ignore the vast amount of evidence that is showing up, and they indeed are not reporting on the issue. Instead, they are trying to divert attention away from the fact that Joe Biden is about to be exposed as […]

NYC Residents Are Fleeing the City in Droves Amid Violence, Crime and Crazy Tax Policies

New York City was already experiencing a mass exodus before the pandemic had even had a chance to take place. Larger cities are losing a sizable percentage of their populations and have been for some time now. New York City’s exodus has not only continued, it has only gotten worse. According to recent reports about […]

Collusion? Chairman of Problematic Dominion Voting Machines Now Part of Biden’s Transition Team

Peter Neffenger is a former Commander of the Coast Guard Commander and he also served as the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration. He started in these roles in July 2015 and served until January 20, 2017. What’s he doing nowadays? Why we are glad that you asked. He’s now the Chairman of the Board […]

Libs Show Deep Regret Over Social Media Suppression Begs Conservatives Not to Leave Major Platforms Calling It ‘Threat to Democracy’

In what could be the biggest exodus of social media giants since their inception, Americans, especially conservatives, have decided to do what customers do best, and take their business elsewhere, thanks to big tech censorship. What could have previously been ignored as potentially coincidence, or an honest difference of opinion on the part of the […]

Obama Out Exploiting Election Confusion Bashing Republicans Gets Put in His Place by Candace Owens

Former President Barack Obama made history when he was the first person to identify as a Black person to be elected president of the United States. While many considered it to be a landmark occasion, and there was much rejoicing by the left, many conservative people of color were less delighted, including (now) conservative commentator […]

Biden’s Shadow Presidency Oversteps Its Bounds…GSA Refuses to Fund His Illegal Activities

Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to play the role of President-Elect. He’s holding briefings that don’t count for anything, phoning world leaders like they’re old buds, and for the most part, running a shadow government behind Trump’s back. This is, of course, with Obama coaching him on what to say and do as […]

Bulldog Elected Mayor of Tiny Kentucky Town

It’s official: it’s gone to the dogs. The community of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a bulldog as their next mayor. I know what you’re thinking — other than are they crazy, what kind of bulldog? A French bulldog. It’s safe to say that Rabbit Hash is really sick of their politicians. The community has elected […]

World Leaders Refuse to Acknowledge Biden Win

The votes are still being counted. The state of Georgia is conducting a recount. The results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election have yet to be certified. But Ole Joe Biden, apparently, thinks he’s a winner. The mainstream media thinks it, too. They’re already coronated Joe Biden as the next president-elect. Perhaps sensing a shift […]

Biden Has a Plan to End the Pandemic While Big Gov’t Takes Over…You Should Probably Read This

The election is far from being over. Votes are being still being counted and re-counted. Investigations into alleged voter fraud are ongoing in many key states with new allegations being launched daily. In the meanwhile. We wait. But not Joe Biden. No sir. He’s wiping the sleep from his eyes and not waiting on an […]

Look What BLM Wants for Helping Biden Get Votes

Black Lives Matter strike again – and this time, they want to have a sit-down with Joe Biden since they believe they’re responsible for his win. Say what, now? The BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, says, “We want something for our vote.” Cullors is operating under the assumption that “black people won this election.” So, she’s […]

Software Used in 28 States Accused of Intentionally Altering Election Results

A recent President Trump tweet might be the most important one of his entire presidency. The voter fraud that has been perpetuated through the usage of Dominion voting machines is finally being addressed. The “glitches” that have been taking place with these machines throughout the course of the election are always working in favor of […]

Minneapolis Defunded the Police: Look What They’re Doing Now

As you well know, the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in late May prompted a nationwide discussion on race and police brutality. And cities under Democratic rule ran as fast as they could to jump on the train to reform. However, for cities like Minneapolis, where it all started, it wasn’t reform so […]

Biden Campaign Calls for More Censorship of Conservatives as His Potential Win Slips Further Away

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has gotten on board with the media’s narrative that the election is now over, and he has won the presidency for the next four years. Sadly, part of what he claims he will enact when he takes over. In addition to the potential compromise of international trade agreements, personally beneficial […]

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