The Media Spins Gun Deaths in Iowa Unfairly (Shocker)

The media loves to spin things so that anything that the GOP does looks like a bad idea. Let’s forget that they’ll use any data they want – even if it’s completely inaccurate.

As Democrats fight to increase gun control laws, many Republican states are fighting to create pro-gun laws. Iowa and Texas have adopted laws that will allow people to carry firearms without a permit.

Pay close attention.

The law for Iowa did not go into effect until July 1.

On June 30, the Associated Press published an article titled “Gun deaths rising in Iowa as new law removes handgun permits.”

The article is meant to look like the reason that gun deaths are on the rise is because of the new law that allows people to carry handguns without permits.

That’s not true at all. How can the new law have any effect on that when it hadn’t even gone into effect yet? However, that’s the game that the media plays. They spin and they spin until the story is in their favor.

Associated Press isn’t the only one that’s guilty, either. As soon as they released the story, countless other media outlets picked up the story. They shared the message across social media so that there was sudden outrage. Liberals who don’t bother to read anything more than the titles were livid that these new laws were leading to so much death.

There’s a lot more that’s going on…

353 Iowa residents died from gunshot wounds in 2020. Of those, there were 263 suicides and 85 homicides.

The deaths caused by guns are up 23% in comparison to 2019.

263 suicides were part of that number. The story by the AP doesn’t look at why people were committing suicide at such an incredulous rate. Perhaps it’s a mental health issue. Perhaps there was this crazy pandemic known as COVID-19 that was leading to more suicidal thoughts than normal.

The AP story doesn’t include any of this because it wouldn’t make their narrative look as strong. They want people to think that pro-gun legislation is the worst.

The reality is that the story can’t truly be written properly until next July 1. In 2022, there will be a full year’s worth of data to show how the pro-gun laws made a difference in Iowa. If the Republicans are right, the number of homicides will be lower.

Wait, what?

By placing guns into the hands of innocent citizens, they have the means to protect themselves. They also have the means to stop a murder in progress. Imagine if someone showed up with a gun at a movie theatre. There’s an entire theatre of innocent people sitting there, waiting to be shot. Oh, but wait…if someone has a gun without a permit, they can take down the gunman. It could change the fate of those in the theatre so that dozens aren’t killed and dozens more aren’t injured.

Journalism is evolving. It used to be that journalists would have to follow leads and sort out the facts. They didn’t push any particular agenda because they were nonpartisan.

In 2021, things have evolved so that they push the agenda of the far-left. They don’t bother with leads or facts. If it looks as though it would hurt the agenda of the moderate or the right, they’ll publish it without thinking twice.

The burden of proof is no longer relevant in publishing. Instead, the burden of proof falls to Americans. We have to read the entire story. Then, if something seems off, we have to go on the fact-finding mission. The problem is that not everyone goes on these missions. They accept the titles and the stories at face value – and that’s what the media depends on.

Are gun deaths in Iowa higher than usual? Yes. Are gun deaths in Iowa the result of the new pro-gun laws passed? Not even close…