The Self-Righteous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Stiff with Greed

Ocasio-Cortez is a fake liberal that has no concept of personal responsibility. She has no clue what it means to pay back what she has borrowed from the federal government, so she could attend a school to get the education that she now uses to screw up the United States.

In a political stunt that no one cares about. She made a student loan payment while sitting in a committee meeting. So now she has admitted that she wastes time and taxpayer money to not pay attention to what is happening in the meeting. She only cares about herself and what she has to do for the rest of the day.

She used this payment as the grounds to push her socialist agenda of canceling all the student loan debt for the entire country. This is a self-serving attempt by her to get her debt canceled, so she does not have to pay the money back to a lender. This is money that she is legally obligated to pay back. And now she wants to have it all forgiven. Wormy Ocasio-Cortez is a freeloading politician that thinks everything should just be given to her on a golden platter.

It’s great that she made a payment of over $1,000, but who cares. Most people make payments on their student loans every day and never get high-five for doing so.

Wormy Ocasio-Cortez stated that “So I feel accomplished right now.” She should feel accomplished because she has done the right thing and paid back on a promissory note to pay back the money she borrowed. Her socialist agenda to cancel the debt of people for student loans is just one attempt by her to make college free to everyone. Free programs are never free.

They are paid for by the citizens of the country at a great cost and a great loss. The freeloaders never learn responsibility and that will destroy a nation in one generation. She is the only person that is complaining about having to pay back the money she promised to pay back. And now she wants to see it canceled.

The worm has stated that the national student loan debt problem is out of control. The average person owes $31,172 in student loans. That is not a lot when it is spread out over 30 years. She has also stated that “I’m hearing people on this committee say it’s not our job. This is our job.” She believes that it is her job to mother adults because she believes that the choices they have made with their lives have ruined them. This is her way of racially judging others because of their debt.

People do not need the big government telling them what to do. The people of the country need the government to stay out-of-the-way, so they can live their lives. It is not the job of Congress to forgive the loans people have promised to pay back. Even Ocasio-Cortez’s sister of the hood Omar has stated the same thing regarding student loans. And her daddy Bernie Sanders has demanded that these loans be forgiven.

The socialist crowd in Congress wants this to happen, so they can appear to be loving and generous as they begin to process of robbing the rest of the nation of what is rightfully theirs. They want to see America struggling to survive because of the socialist agenda.

This dumb idea is as big as her mouth when she opens it. It is a ridiculous idea that has self-serving motives pushing for Congress to forgive her student loan debt. Ocasio-Cortez needs to grow up and pay off the money that she promised she would pay back when she signed the loan papers.

All the socialists believe that this would allow the Millennials the chance to buy homes and save money. These dreams can happen, but they will all need to work at those dreams. What Ocasio-Cortez fails to realize is that most people will not run out and buy a home. They will not save their money because they will find other ways to spend that few hundred dollars a month.

No one deserves to have such debts forgiven except those that gave up their early years to serve the nation in the armed forces. They put their lives in danger so the rest of the people can live in freedom. They deserve to have their debts canceled. Not a bunch of whining Democrats that already make more money than most of the people in the country.

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