The ‘Superhero’ You’ve Never Heard Of…Until Now

Every now and then, someone is placed in our lives which some consider a guardian angel, while others may say they are a superhero.  The city of Miami, Florida, is calling Laronda Marshall a “superhero.”  She has been with the Department of Transportation and Public Works driving the Miami-Dade Transit Bus for about eight years and has saved three lives while driving the streets of Miami.

In recent days, Laronda Marshall used her quick reflexes and knowledge of CPR to save the life of a passenger on her bus.  She was able to pull off the road quickly and safely when she saw in the mirror a man slumping over in his seat and showed signs of illness.  Another passenger called out to her when she was operating the number 77 bus near Northwest 103rd Street and Seventh Avenue.  After pulling over, she called her station for help and went to the man where she found him unresponsive.  Other passengers helped get the man flat on the floor of the bus where Marshall began doing CPR.  She continued tirelessly until the paramedics and police arrived to take over the scene.

The man lived through the ordeal, and the paramedics who arrived at the scene said if Marshall had not done CPR, the man would have surely died.  Marshall told reporters after everything calmed down, “I have a love for people, and my instinct is to jump in and help.  The paramedics told me he would have passed away by the end of the line.”

A post was put up along with a link to an article about her on Facebook which said, “Last Thursday, our Miami-Dade Transit Metrobus operator Laronda Marshall saved the life of an unresponsive passenger aboard her bus. Ms. Marshall was heading northbound on Route 77 when a passenger approached and told her that a fellow passenger didn’t look well. She immediately pulled over and tried to wake the rider. Ms. Marshall performed chest compressions until paramedics arrived at the scene. Paramedics stated that Ms. Marshall’s actions helped save a life that night. Ms. Marshall is a real-life superhero, and we’re beyond proud to have her on our team.”

Marshall is no stranger to being called a hero.  She had people cross her path in their time of need where she saved lives.  Many would not realize how many times on a transit bus, her services would be needed, but that is how it is when working for the public.  You never really know what is going to happen, and you always have to be alert and prepared.  That night, she was, and she was also alert back in 2017 when she saved two more lives within a month from each other.

In November of 2017, Marshall saw a person lying on the road who got hit by a car.  She immediately pulled the bus off the road in a way to keep the man from sustaining more injuries.  She stayed by his side to bring him comfort and relief as best as she could until the police and the paramedics arrived.

One month later, she was driving on NW 183 Street near 12th Avenue when she spotted a little girl in the middle of the road with no one around to help her.  Marshall’s instincts kicked into high gear again when she pulled the bus in the middle of the road in front of the girl and got the little girl safely on her bus until someone arrived to reunite the girl with her family.  This was not just an act of going out of her way but could have been tragic if she had not been on that route.

In the newsletter for the Miami-Dade county, Marshall was featured inside one of the stories recognizing her heroic moments.  The newsletter summed it up as all of the transit drivers are happy to serve the community. Still, for Marshall, they left this little notation for passengers who are lucky enough to be on her route.  “And for those who may catch the next ride onboard one of Marshall’s routes, they will not get to meet a masked superhero, but a humble person who is proud of her Transit uniform and happy to take them safely to their friends and family.”

Before being a transit driver, Marshall was a certified nursing assistant.  She stated, “I really feel everybody should learn CPR because it could save a life.  Especially in transit.

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