The War Between Clinton and Gabbard Intensifies

There’s a major war happening between Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton. Gabbard has attacked the two-time DNC loser on multiple occasions. It’s unclear as to why she’s felt the need to pick on Clinton so heavily, considering they’re from the same party. That, and Clinton isn’t even Gabbard’s competition for the 2020 presidential election.

In fairness, Hillary Clinton started the feud, identifying that Gabbard was the “favorite” Democratic congresswoman of the Russians. A lot of people have questioned where Clinton came up with this as it seemed to come out of left field. Though, many people have stopped trying to figure out why Clinton does any of what she does. No one wants to get inside of that mind.

Clinton sounds bitter about losing to Trump with all of her anger being thrust at the Representative from Hawaii. Clinton says she’s being groomed as the “third-party spoiler” for the 2020 presidential election.

Gabbard felt the need to defend herself and it’s gone downhill since. She wrote an essay to diffuse the various accusations, identifying that she was a major in the National Guard, serving in Iraq. Gabbard also poked the bear by saying Clinton was one of the people who champion for such a disastrous regime-change war.

When asked about the feud going on with Clinton, Gabbard has said that it is so much more than a “petty spat.” It has become a battle of contrasting views regarding how a Democratic candidate can defeat Pres. Trump. Gabbard is quick to point out that Clinton already lost to Trump once. However, Clinton hasn’t filed with the FEC to identify that she is going to run again, so the fear that Gabbard has seems to be unwarranted. Clinton has made threats that she will run if she sees an opening, though there have been plenty of Democratic senators that have told her to sit down.

Gabbard has taken a very Hawaiian approach, saying that it’s important to recognize the failings of the past in order to get to a future of “peace, dignity, transparency and aloha.”

The reality is that Gabbard is one of the many females who are part of the DNC to run for president. However, she’s not polling well – and hasn’t since the very beginning. Instead of focusing on climbing the polls and fundraising, she has been arguing with the DNC that their rules to qualify for debates are not fair. However, she and a few of the other low-polling candidates seem to be the only ones complaining. Those who are actually getting the job done with fundraising aren’t complaining. With low single-digit numbers and fundraising numbers that she doesn’t even want to publish publicly, it’s highly unlikely that she will make it through the first caucus in Iowa. As such, she shouldn’t really be worrying about what Hillary Clinton does or doesn’t do because Gabbard isn’t going to be the one to get the DNC nomination. She’s not going to be the one going head-to-head with Trump because no one knows who she is – and the other people who do know who she is wants her to stay far away from the White House.

The polls should be telling Tulsi Gabbard everything that she needs to know about what the American people think of her. If they want a female to vote for, they will vote for Elizabeth Warren. If they don’t want anyone that progressive, they will vote for Kamala Harris. They would have to get pretty desperate in order to actually vote for Gabbard – but she doesn’t see it that way. Somehow, she thinks that she is protecting the entire Democratic Party from Hillary Clinton 2.0.

While she’s probably not part of any kind of Russian collusion scheme, the idea has certainly been planted. With the Russian hoax already in the rearview mirror with Trump, no one wants to hear the word ‘Russia’ anywhere near the 2020 elections, which is just another reason why Gabbard isn’t going to be around for long. However, if she wants to blame it on Clinton as opposed to her lackluster fundraising skills, she is certainly welcome to do that. However, the American public is smarter than that and they were are more than capable of reading through the lines.

Until then, everyone can enjoy the nice tennis match happening between Clinton and Gabbard as they go back and forth on Twitter and any other public forums that they can find. It seems to be a desperate showdown of media whores to see who can out-talk the other.

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