Trump Gets Massive Cheers from Farmers As He Replaces An Obama Ruling

President Trump made a significant announcement that he has removed a ruling from the Obama era to help farmers.  The White House sees this as a huge plus when it comes to the voting booths among farmers.  With the first phase of the new trade deal signing on Wednesday and this new water rule, which removes restrictions and the farmers are loving it!

Trump told a crowd of farmers at the American Farm Bureau Federation conference, which was held in Austin, Texas, he is scaling back the amount of water that manufacturers, farmers, and other entities use in order to remain in compliance with the EPA rules.

The president stated, “I am proud to announce a plan to protect the water rights of American farmers and ranchers.  It will allow states to manage their water resources based on their own needs and based on what their farmers and ranchers want.  Water is the lifeblood of agriculture, and we will always protect your water supply.”  The room erupted with massive cheers.

Obama’s ruling came at a time when hurting industries and agriculture required the water supply.  The administration capped off waterways, which was used for centuries by farmers.  The Waters of the United States Rule (WOTUS) had the federal law pressing the government’s thumbs down on something Obama and his team knew nothing about.

Farmers argued that some of the waterways passed right through their properties, and they could not use the sources for farming, whether crops or cattle.  President Trump is overthrowing everything Obama did to ruin the heart of this nation, one group at a time.  The farmers are the lifeblood of America, and this will put them back in business and secure their vote in the upcoming election.

With all the good which derives from this decision, along came the Democrats… They are criticizing the president for not caring about the environment by overriding Obama’s rule.  Democrats are saying it will hurt the water and air quality and will cause global warming to become worse.  Really??  They are so stupid!

One idiot Democratic supporter, Ryan Richards, a senior policy analyst at the Center for American Progress, released this statement, “There is no question that President Trump is making millions of Americans vulnerable to polluted water with this action. This rollback was bought and paid for by the mining industry, and it will have significant consequences for states, who will shoulder a huge burden to protect drinking water from pollution.”

Since the announcement, 14 states have filed suit to fight the new rule, which follows the guidelines of the 1986 waterways and protection standards.  These 14 states are Democratic.  Go figure.  California is one of them fighting the ruling.

Farmers were thriving back then, and when the law changed under Obama, that is when the situations really became difficult for farmers.  Most gave up the lifestyle to seek other work.  Without our farmers, where would we be?  Relying on China and other countries.  That’s were Obama wanted us to be.  Now we have President Trump in charge giving the power back to the lifeblood of America, our farmers.

Everyone is worried about the environment and with good reason.  We all should be concerned.  But what happened under the Obama administration cut America’s throat when we had to start relying on other countries to supply us with what we could do for ourselves.

The Clinton administration pushed all of our businesses out, and Obama finished killing it.  The Bush administration did not help with this situation either, but at least they did not try to push the farmers out of business.

An administrator of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler, put out this statement in September when Trump first announced he wanted to do away with WOTUS; he said, “The agency’s proposed definition and existing state programs will provide a strong network of coverage with our nations water resources.”

Wheeler added, “Thanks to the leadership of the EPA, we can move forward with a water rule that protects clean water, is within the bounds of the law, and doesn’t pose a threat to manufacturing in America.  We have to have regulatory certainty, clean, fair, smart regulations of environmental law.”

The EPA will still be involved in every aspect of the changes going back to the 1986 standards.  If everyone who is against the president got off his back, they would see, he is making the right decisions for farmers.  History proves this!

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