Vile Woman Uses Abortion as Birth Control – Makes Her Feel ‘Special’

All around the country, abortions are being used as birth control. Worse, Dems are fine with it because it helps their plans of climate control. With abortions, the populations are maintained so that areas don’t become overpopulated, creating a heavier carbon footprint and a higher demand for resources.

A recent story told of a woman having late-term abortions to be able to get general anesthesia. With late-term abortions, the fetus is often viable – it can live outside of the mother. This means that doctors are, essentially, committing murder when they allow women to have abortions so late in the game. Meanwhile, many people who would love to be parents are sitting on adoption waitlists for years at a time.

The Story of Theresa

Theresa is a woman who has had so many abortions she doesn’t even know how many she has had. She thinks that the number is nine. Her first abortion was at the age of 15 or 16. She was living in a home in San Francisco for pregnant women. She had already given birth to a baby girl about six months prior to her first abortion. She wrestled with the abortion decision, trying to figure out if it was murder. By the time she had had her second procedure, a year and a half later, these concerns were no longer an issue.

Theresa had several more abortions over the next few years, all conceived with the same boyfriend. She also had a second child. She didn’t take her birth control pills on a regular basis and was on drugs on and off.

Theresa explained that she used abortion as birth control. She got pregnant because she thought she wanted another child – and then decided it would be better to simply abort.

The problem with the abortions that Theresa had is that she deliberately waited until the second or third trimester before having the abortion. The abortion facility she went to would use local anesthesia for the first trimester. However, during the second and third trimester is, they use general anesthesia, putting her asleep. She felt that this method was better because it was painless and stress-free.

Theresa explained that going to the clinic “was a way to feel special” because the rooms were so clean. She didn’t want to feel anything and she didn’t want to hear the machines, so she waited until the baby that she was caring was mature enough to survive on the outside – and chose to kill it anyway.

At no point were any of the abortions as a result of health risks to the woman, rape, or even leading to severe disabilities within the baby. She had no health problems and the children that she did birth were perfectly healthy. The abortions were done because they were more convenient for her – and the late-term abortions were to make the experience more pleasant. She did not care that she was ending their lives – and didn’t care if the babies felt any pain.

When Theresa’s own daughter became pregnant, she pleaded with her to have an abortion. However, her daughter refused.

It is unclear as to how many children in total Theresa has aborted throughout her life as the original article was written in 1998.

This story helps to illustrate a very big problem with the way that the Democrats like to talk about abortions and a woman’s right to control her body. When a woman knows that she is pregnant, she needs to make a decision very quickly – does she want to keep the baby or not? Purposely waiting to abort the child in a third trimester simply to enjoy general anesthesia and make the process easier on the mother is unacceptable – and is not an acceptable form of birth control.

While Democrats say that abortion is solely the right of the mother, it needs to be explored as to what the rights of the child are. Further, there should be a limit to the number of abortions that a woman can get before it is a complete danger. She needs to be educated on the various birth control solutions that are available since aborting a fetus, particularly so late in the game, is not a form of birth control.

Countless women use abortion as a form of birth control and are done for frivolous reasons as opposed to not wanting the child because of health reasons or because the child was born out of rape or incest. Women need to have consequences for their actions, too – and Democrats need to realize that there are proper and improper forms of birth control.

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