Warren Doesn’t Do “Big Dollar Fundraisers” or Does She?

A sure sign someone doesn’t want you to know something is to never release information about it, or when they do, there is a whole slew of other things going on that you can be distracted by. And for Massachusetts Senator and 2020 White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren, the information she finally just released is pretty damning. Or at least it should be.  

Late on Sunday evening, the Washington Post reported that Warren’s campaign had released documents proving that she made about $2 million for consulting for big corporations and financial firms during her time in academia. The Post said that the work “often involved companies dealing with bankruptcy, which was her specialty as an academic.”

Ok, so while she says she is against corporate America and big firms, she worked for them, and, might I add, made a pretty penny off of them.

That information alone shouldn’t sit too well with you. But it’s the next few lines that should really get to you.

“Her campaign had been asked repeatedly for the information and had declined to release it multiple times.” So when did they release it? On Sunday evening.

So late on Sunday night, during a busy holiday season, mere hours before the start of another House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing, they finally decided to release this. Sound like they wanted you to read it? I don’t think so.

But the Post only adds to her demise by pointing out that the information seems to directly contradict the message she has been spewing from her campaign trail.

“Her work for some of the companies doesn’t fit neatly with her current presidential campaign brand as a crusader against corporate interests.”

Wait, you mean she doesn’t do what she says? Bingo. Just another Democrat, saying one thing while doing another.

And this isn’t the only issue on which she strays from her seemingly straightforward campaign messages.

Let’s take a look at how she has made her campaign dollars thus far. If she has made one thing clear time and time again, it is that she doesn’t do big-dollar fundraisers. She just won’t.

She said this on her latest appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on NBC on Wednesday. She told the host, “I don’t do big-dollar fundraisers at all.”

In October, she said the same thing on CBS News.

“I’m not going to go do the big-dollar fundraisers. I’m just not going to do it.” And she continued, “I will not be forced to make changes in how I raise money. Look, for me, this is pretty straight forward. Either you think democracy works and electing a president is all about going behind closed doors with bazillionaires and corporate executives and lobbyists and scooping up as much money as possible. Or you think it’s about grassroots, let’s build this from the ground up that we can build together. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Only she isn’t. Not really.

You see, Warren is doing big-dollar fundraisers. They just aren’t for her own campaign, at least not directly.

At the moment, she has done great fundraising in other ways and has outraised nearly every other candidate, aside from billionaire Tom Steyer and Bernie Sanders, who has quite a steadfast fanbase.

However, there is one thing she does need: DNC support. If she wins the nomination, she’ll have to battle it out, one on one, with President Donald Trump. And she will need plenty of funds to do so as Trump is running with very little opposition for the GOP nomination.

To get that support, Warren has been doing some big-dollar fundraisers to help the DNC, you know, the kind she swore she didn’t do.

As the Daily Caller reported, “Warren spoke at the DNC’s IWillVote Gala fundraiser in Boston. The DNC didn’t publicize ticket prices for the event… but an archived invitation shows the DNC charged up to $50,000 per ticket package when it held the same event in Atlanta earlier in 2019.”

In addition, she was a featured speaker for the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum Conference in October, which charged between $1000 and $5000 to attend, depending on what you wanted to hear.

But Warren doesn’t do big-dollar fundraisers.

Just like she doesn’t do private schools but sends her own child to one, or how she is against corporations but makes millions working for them.

Are you getting the picture?  

Just what we need, a president doing one thing while saying another.

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