Why President Trump Pardoned Former 49ers Owner

President Trump is a man that is known for his mercy and concern for people. He serves as president, not for the money or the position of power. He serves because he loves America and the people that call it home. His policies and views are based on the common good for all men. He believes that the nation needs honesty and a new direction from the path that the damaging Democrats had placed in on at the end of 2016.

One of the best ways that President Trump has shown his grace and mercy is in the way that he pardons people. There are several that he believes made a mistake and has learned from those mistakes. So, he has seen to it to have their sentences commuted to time served. In essence, he has pardoned those that have made an effort to do what is right because they have learned from their mistakes.

The latest person to receive a pardon from President Trump is the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers. Edward DeBartolo Jr. is set to be released from prison following the issuing of the pardon from President Trump. The announcement of the pardon was given by Hogan Gidley, who is a White House Spokesman working with President Trump.

Edward DeBartolo Jr. so his team wins five Super Bowls which put the team at the top of the charts. He was caught in the corruption that involved the former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. In 1998, he involved himself in the corruption circle by choosing to not report a felony after paying Edwards the sum of $400,000, so he could have. A riverboat gambling license.

He tried to bribe his way into owning a gambling casino by illegally obtaining a license to open one up. When the Feds found out about the deal, they quickly moved in and put a stop to it all. He pleads guilty and was sent off to prison to serve time for his crime.

DeBartolo would lose a lot because of his decision. He would have to turn over control of the football team to his sister. He lost his team, and he lost the respect of so many people. The damaging effect that this has on a person punishes them way more than sitting in a prison cell. President Trump listened to the requests of pardon and decided to act on them.

With all the losses that DeBartolo would experience some stood by his side. Many of the NFL players that he led would come and speak at the White House after the announcement was made. Ronnie Lott would say that “We are excited to be here for all the right reasons. You think of people who find their ways into your life to help you, deliver a certain compass. You find yourself realizing that a day like this is great because he (DeBartolo) understands his compass, but what you can achieve. So really excited for Mr. DeBartolo.”

Lott was guided by DeBartolo in his carrier. Just because someone loses their way does not mean that they cannot find it again. Jerry Rice would also speak and say that it is “all about family. That’s really what they stood for. And that’s the reason why I think we won so many championships.” DeBartolo had made a name for himself in football but made a mistake. He was led down a path of corruption that would end up helping him fall from greatness

But President Trump believes that people deserve second chances. This pardon is DeBartolo’s second chance. He has the chance to make changes in his life and do what is right. Jerry Rice would also point out that “Eddie was like that 12th man that was on that football field. You know that this guy, you know, he wanted us to win. And I think he’s the main reason why we won so many Super Bowls. So today is a great day for him. I’m glad to be here and be a part of that. And, you know, it’s just something I’ll never forget. You know, this man, he has done so much in the community, he has done so much in NFL football.”

President Trump is the reason why America is great today. He is that man that is inspiring so many to be more than what they are. He is what America needs today.

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